Thursday, January 05, 2006

Operation: Total Bed Domination

The Husky United Liberation Army (HULA) has been hard at work lately on OPERATION: TOTAL BED DOMINATION.

Operative Nova (code name: old guy with butt tumor) has been instrumental in carrying out our plan for total bed domination.
Nova yells to go outside every 2 hours. The humans, still leery about the Poo Tsunami incident will jump out of bed and take him outside. Once the humans have vacated their bed space, the other operatives move into action and sprawl across the now vacant bed space. Nova meanders around the yard for hours, the humans begging him to come back in, but not wanting to rush him for fear of another poo incident. Meanwhile, we lounge in comfort on the vacated bed space.

This plan is BRILLIANT and working great each night.

The humans thought they would outsmart us though. They will never learn that they can't ever outsmart us huskies!

The other night, the humans blew up that pathetic thing called an "air mattress" downstairs. They thought that if Nova was downstairs, he would sleep throughout the night. Even if he had to go outside, they would be much closer to the back door and could "nap" while he was outside meandering around.

We certainly couldn't let them win this battle. If they could sleep all night on that crappy air mattress, they would, and there's no room on that pathetic thing for all of us, even if we did want to sleep on that poor excuse for a bed.

Operative Sammy (code name: sandpaper feet), had a brilliant idea and put his plan into action. Using the couch as a springboard, he launched himself off of the couch and onto the humans and the air mattress. Not only did this disturb the humans, but it actually was FUN! We took turns jumping on the couch, then leaping onto the air mattress (and humans). they were not amused by our fun.

When that didn't seem to deter them from sleeping downstairs, we proceeded to walk all over them throughout the night. Around 2:30am they had enough and herded us back upstairs onto our rightful cushy bed and went to sleep. Ten minutes later, Nova sprang into action and demanded to be let outside again, and we dominated the bed once again.

The humans continue to plot and scheme for a way to get a full night's sleep, but as long as HULA operatives are on the scene, it will never happen.

Meeshka (code name: fluffybutt)

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