Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We got pork chops!

Ok, the humans didn't actually GIVE us pork chops, but Loki and I just happened to find some on top of the stove while the human man was at the computer, and the human woman was out playing with Sam.

That will teach them both not to leave us alone when food is out. Serves them right.

I've also discovered that while we're outside saving the yard from evil small creatures, the humans are inside feeding the old guy Nova whatever people food he wants. I distinctly smelled cheesy pasta noodles on the human woman's mouth, and then smelled the exact same cheesy pasta noodles on Nova's mouth when we came inside.

Can you believe it??? Sure he's old and deserves some good treats, but what about us? Are we less important? Do we have to get really old before we reap the benefits of good human foods?

So, in our defense, the pork chops were just sitting out there on the stove, unguarded, and we just thought that since everyone else got a goodie human treat, that they had just forgotten to put those goody treats in our bowls. So we took them.

I was still chewing mine when Loki got greedy and knocked the pan onto the floor, alerting the humans to our little feast. The human woman ran up and demanded that I "trade up". Yeah, right... what could you possible offer me that was better than a pork chop? That's what I thought, so I ran, jumped on the bed and finished off my treat.

Now that we know something is going on while we're outside, we're parking our butts under the chairs to catch any little falling pieces we can. You can't fool us!

Meeshka (pork chops taste good!)


Woofwoof said...

Ah, sweet revenge!

IndyPindy said...

I bet those chops were GOOD! Maybe if you pretend to have a butt tumor you'll get people food too!