Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm in a mood tonight!

The others have just gotten on my last nerve, so I felt the need to show them who is boss.

First of all, I clawed the human woman's leg, just because I felt like it, not because I wanted something. She needs to know that she's not safe anywhere from the claw.

Then Sammy was picking on the old guy Nova, so when Sam lay down, I decided to show him just how much power he wielded. I sauntered over to him and stared at him. He tried to ignore me. I got closer and really stared at him. He started making a keening noise because he knew what was coming. The human woman told me to lay off, so I sauntered closer and got right into his face. I wanted him to try something, but he feared me, and since the human woman insisted that I lay off... flush with pride, I left Sam quivering with fear.

The gimpy mutant toed puppy Loki was all pompous today too, so I waited for him to go outside, then waited for him at the top of the stairs. When he came racing up, I snatched him in mid-air and pile drove his head into the floor... just because I could. The human woman was stern with me, so I sauntered off, lay under the table, and clawed her leg when she sat down. I got the last word... with the claw.

(fear the claw)

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Woofwoof said...

Meeshka, come back. I miss you. Hope everything is alright in your corner of the bed.