Friday, June 16, 2006

Husky Holiday Cards

Every human holiday the stupid greeting cards come out that show us huskies (usually cute suck up little puppies) in cute little poses (they're probably sedated), and people just grab those cards up because hey, huskies are cute and fluffy.

But what about the true husky? Where are those cards that show the true husky spirit, what it actually means to be a husky, and how us huskies have created our own spirit of the holidays?

Well, even though the humans bribed me and cut my nails, I was still able to claw some sense into the human woman, and she's created (with my expert husky consulting) a line of holiday cards JUST for husky owners.

Since there are endless possibilities to our adventures, keep checking back, I'm sure there will be more coming, but for now, I introduce to you:
Husky-Tude Cards

1 comment:

Woofwoof said...

Nice cards, but you'd expect that out of Huskies. Are you going to have Husky-Tude Christmas or "holiday" cards?