Sunday, July 30, 2006

After this one, only three more to go

I'm almost sad that its coming to a close. I've met some wonderful friends by doing this, and helped some friends who need a home. I got to claw the human woman more than normal, and that's always a bonus.

I'm really looking foward to getting some sleep now that the end is getting near. Of course, just the end of Blogathon, I'll be back when I'm rested to continue my usual postings, and complaining about the mutant gimpy suck up Loki, and the bionic hip Sammy. Did I tell you about the time that old guy-guy Nova peed on the flood detector? My brain seems a bit empty at the moment, I keep staring off into the distance and thinking of the good ol times when I was a puppy and caused all sorts of problems for the humans... and still do, just on a grander scale now. Playing the "hide behind the tree so the human woman doesn't see us and freak out" game. The "even though I said I wanted to go out I was just making you get up from your spot so I could take it" game. Such fun.

(this is my brain... um, what was I just saying)

1 comment:

Charlie The Big Dog said...

You must be SOOOOO tired!

Are you going to the clean-up aswell or do you get to stay home and rest?