Monday, July 24, 2006

The Art of Massage

Apparently there is some big hoopla with the humans getting all bent out of shape because their leader (some guy named Presidentbush), was at some conference or something, and he gave another leader (someone by the name of Chancellormerkel) a back rub that she didn't want.

Ya know, this is where dog language comes in handy, and you humans better learn it so you stop getting yourselves into trouble.

This Presidentbush guy should have known that since this Chancellormerkel was sitting in a chair, that she didn't want a rub. Now if Chancellormerkel person was laying on the floor on her back with her legs up, then its ok for a belly scratch. Presidentbush guy could have scratched behind Chacellormerkel person's ears, that's totally acceptable as the back of the ears are always itchy and need scratched a lot. Pat on the head is also acceptable, as long as its a light pat, not a hard pat. If the head pat or ear scratch is accepted by the recipient, THEN its ok for the back scratch or tail scritch. If she shook her head, then you're doing it wrong and don't bother doing anything else because its obvious that you're lame and can't do anything right.

So, take it from us dogs: start small, work your way up, and if the dignitary rolls over, then you can belly rub.



IndyPindy said...

Hey Meeshka,
Do you think your mom can send a thank-you note to Dusty Doodles from the Husky Bloggers Ring? He saw the post on my blog about the Blog-a-thon and he sneaked out his human's credit card and sponsored you! How crafty!

Sadie Mae said...

I sponsored you too Meeshka! And I'll let Dusty Doodles know. My Gramma his his Momma.

Sadie Mae Dog

Cubby said...

Meeshka for President!

Dachsies Rule said...


What did you do to our mom? She was reading your blog and suddenly started making funny laughing noises and just kept laughing and laughing. We don't think she got how easy it is to understand dog language and massage. Once she quits laughing, we will have her finish reading your blog.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy