Saturday, July 29, 2006


Someone asked what I have destroyed in my huskydom, and what is the most precious/expensive thing... hmmm, trying to think back now.

I was really big into cardboard things. LOVE cardboard. They gave me a whole box one time and told me to go at it. They were joking of course... I was not. I actually lay in the box and ripped it to shreds from the inside. Glorious.

This is a joke picture, of course. The humans say it would be cheaper for us to eat the money than spend it on the fancy dog food we demand. This one is appropriate though, because I did, when I was a cute little fluffy puppy, eat 5 $20 bills. Urp. They were tasty. The human man was angry, but hey, they were sitting up on a desk where anyone could have gotten them, and just because a few pieces came out in my poop doesn't mean I'm guilty (and yes, they checked the poop).

Speaking of checking poop, Sam likes to just eat toilet paper and then he doesn't have to worry about poo sticking to his fur:

But the best one of all was when Sammy ate the tube of ear medicine. He didn't like the humans to squirt it in his ear... so he ate almost the whole tube:

And yes, the humans went out and recovered the bits to make sure they all passed. No wonder the neighbors think they're nuts.

(tasty money)


Fargo said...

Shortly after I came to live in the house, I pulled a twenty dollar bill outa the person's pocket and destroyed it!

Michelle said...

Hee. Polar ate precisely 51% of a ten-dollar bill shortly after he came to live with us. Rotten thing. We still have the other half.

IndyPindy said...

How nice to see things that were...inside Sam.

So, the humans picked them up out of the poo, washed them off and then took a picture?

They are nuts.