Thursday, July 20, 2006

Food Portions

For the past two days the human man has come home for lunch alone, which means one thing:


The human woman has us on a strict diet. Only a meager scoop of food with a little canned food dollop mixed in. Pathetic actually. Its a wonder we survive.

The human man, who normally doesn't fix our food unless the human woman is not available, or is sickly or has some other lame excuse, has no idea what to feed us, or how much, so its a food feast when he feeds us! We kinda hope the human woman has other things to do more often (I won't wish sickness on her, since she 's the only one that will stand in the yard to watch us play), that way we'll get BIG portions of food a lot.

Today she came home, and when she fed us our dinner, looked at the can of food in the fridge and made a noise. Apparently it was almost full this morning, and now it only had a tiny bit of food left in it, which means we got almost a whole can of food in our lunch!
Love it



Raisa Husky said...

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Cubby said...

I love it when the food mom is busy and the poop mom feeds us!