Saturday, July 29, 2006

Helpful Things, Provided to You by Meeshka

Ok everyhusky,

We know how easy it is to get lost. We dig under the fence, run, run, run, the next thing you know we're in another state and can't find our way back in time for dinner.

The humans stick little chip things in us, they register us with places, we wear tags (well, I don't... ahem... I run around nude all the time), collars, sometimes they tattoo us... its amazing! But sometimes those things don't work.

Take it from Sadie, who lives in California, got lost, found a nice woman who took her in... to ARIZONA!!! We can get pretty far from home, where no amount of flyers or phone calls can find us.

Well, thankfully someone has put together a "canine Amber alert" for just us dogs (sorry Zeus, except for the cat that made it to France, you guys usually stick close to home).

Here's the scoop from an e-mail I received from Indy:

"You may cross-post this to any animal related lists.
There is a newly-established YAHOO email list called
K9 Amber Alert.

The intent is create a nationwide group and is to be
used for posting alerts for missing dogs throughout
the United States similar to the way Amber Alerts are
used to help find missing or abducted children.

Incidents will be typical of, but not limited to: dogs
escaped or suspected taken from backyards, dog shows,

Photos can be uploaded to the group. To join this
group click on the following link, you will need a
yahoo user id.

">Canine Amber Alert

Click the link above to go to the list and join if you are a yahoogroups user. If you aren't, you can easily create an account... do it for us huskies who aren't very good with directions.

Another helpful tip from
(husky about town)


Charlie The Big Dog said...

What a great idea!

Sadie Mae said...

Yeah!!!!! Now if I runned away again, maybe Momma won't have to spend a $100 to get me back! She put an ad in the paper and even signed up on a dog alert page that sent my picture to shelters in the area so they would know I was lost. Momma also posted it on my Dogster page. But the biggest thing was that I had a tattoo that the local shelter knew about and no one else did. (Momma said it was a secret to make sure that I got home to her and she didn't get some other dog.) And the fact that I was chipped. Those people in ARIZONA took me to the Doctor and he scanned me and it said I was Sadie Mae and I belonged to Momma. But I'm not going to runned away anymore. I stay inside with Daddy and in my crate. Momma and Daddy won't let me go around the corner anymore either. They yell at me. Oh well. I guess I'll live in my yard until I get a bigger yard. And then we can get a baby!

-Sadie Mae Dog

PS: Thanks for the plug Meeshka. I knowed my story would come in handy at some point.

Dusty Doodles said...

I have that chip thing like Sadie Mae, plus I have a 'too that's registered as well. Da momma don't want me going to ARIZONA. I'm gonna woo her and tell her to join that group and find them dogs. Poor Sadie Mae when she come'd home, she was all skinny Da sister said. I bet that lady didn't feed her good.

JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, I am really curious about the "woo" noise you keep mentioning. I do not know any huskies. What kind of noise is it and when do you make it? Is it just a Husky thing?

Also, you are a very clever writer. Have your people taught you their trade? Are they writers?

Hershey and I moved to blogger by the way. It is very complicated. You are a smart (and fluffy) dog. I had to get my Mom to help me. To repay her, I am licking the lotion off of her legs. She loves that. Copper

IndyPindy said...

Hmmm...your link didn't work. Here is the link for the group.