Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm Going to be featured on "The Daily Puppy"!

I swear, I have to do everything.

The human woman has been so busy sending e-mails to Maryland candidates running for office that she hasn't had time to sufficiently market my wonderful and selfless Blogathon 2006 activities.

I took it upon myself to send some of my adorable pictures to The Daily Puppy
and told them about how wonderful and fluffy I am.

They easily saw me as the most adorable little puppy there ever was, and agreed to not only post a link to the Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue site but will also feature cute, fluffy pictures of ME on 29 July 2006 to help me generate more donations that will go straight to the rescue (and not to me, even though I deserve the dough and can use it to take over the world for Husky-kind).

So far, someone blogging for a chicken rescue has more donations than I do. Chicken rescue? They need rescue? I figured they would do very well in my yard if they need a place to stay, but I digress. Are you guys going to let a chicken rescue get more donations than cute, fluffy huskies that need homes and love and computer access to order toys on your credit cards?

I didn't think so. Click on the "Sponsor me" link to the right and break out the bucks. I promise you'll learn a lot from my Blogathon 2006 efforts, because I'm a husky with a lot to vent about!

(really, you don't need that money, give it to the huskies that do need it)

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Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Go Meeshka !!!! We are "rooting" for you ! Everyone, "come on" get behind Meeshka for this great cause ! Can't wait to read your blog efforts for the BIG blogathon - I hope you are training hard !