Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Helpful Tips from Meeshka

Ok everyhusky, there are some nasty human things out there that we really, no REALLY shouldn't eat ever, ever, did I mention EVER!

Although some of these things are tasty, we shouldn't eat them because they may harm us:

Yeast Dough
Stuff with xylitol (that sugar free junk stuff)

Those are just a few of the things. The ASPCA site has a lot more information:

Now, there are two things that most humans don't know about that they could bring into your house and it could harm you:

Cocoa Mulch. Sure it smells all nice and chocolatey, but that will do us in if we eat it.

Gorilla Glue. This fast acting, expanding glue will cause us some SERIOUS problems if we get ahold of it. To see what it can do to one of us, go to:

So, as much as you want to eat it, and as tasty as it smells, you should just say NO and avoid that stuff at all costs.

Now, just in case you didn't get it, here is Rena and her ick face:

Meeshka say: Relax, don't do it


Charlie The Big Dog said...

My pal Dusty-Doodles at a lizard recently. Opy ate a mouse some years ago too. But our humans (dad) are really careful about what they give us. And you should see dad when mum puts something in our bowl that doesnt meet his approval - he's does a chicken dance!
He says if its not good enough for him, its not good enough for us!
Thats my Dad!

IndyPindy said...

I ate a dead frog when I was a pup. Mom took me to a new dog park where there was a lake, and I found a dead frog and showed it to my mom. She tried to get me to give it to her, but I felt like playing, so she (and eventually almost all of the people at the dog park) ended up chasing me around or trying to trick me into giving it up. Haha!

I did eat it. I think that was the start of all of my stomach problems.

Poor me, now I can only eat real meat! (Meeshka, try it, it works! Just make yourself get the runs whenever they feed you dog food!)