Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More sickly pups, me sitting on human woman, and general stuff

Just taking some time out after watching Sammy stomp on that suck up mutant pawed puppy to let you know that thanks to you... so far the sickly rescue dogs will be getting $522! Wow! that's a lot of money! We have more sickly dogs now unfortunately. One came with a case of the dog flu, and gave it to some other dogs in the house. You know, those foster dogs are sure expensive types. All I require is some tasty treats, a well stuffed kong, and belly rubs, but apparently the ones that come from shelters (like Loki the gimpy mutant paw) they catch all sorts of nasty diseases from all of the other dogs in the shelter, and sometimes they need a lot of medicines. Foster dogs are just really high maintenance, and then when they come into your home and STAY (egad) they just suck all the attention from the humans... but I guess they're worth it. If it wasn't for rescues like Harnessed to Hope, then I wouldn't be able to slam Loki's head into the floor when I felt frisky.

Since you all have surpassed the goal I set for you (but that doesn't mean the rescue couldn't use more money), I will be posting the picture of me sitting on the human woman's head during the blogathon. I'll probably post other funny pictures too, but you have to keep me motivated with sponsorship (you didn't realize just how evil and devious I was, did you).

I keep adding worthy dogs to my links, and today I've added Hershey the doglet to the list. Hershey isn't a husky, but recently escaped from a cage, so I guess that puts Hershey in the honorary husky clan. I was going to post a comment on Hershey's blog, but it required some sort of microsoft thing, and we only have macs, so I couldn't comment. When I take over the world, everyone will have a mac. I'm pretty sure those other computers cause all of the dog viruses that are going around, but I can't say for sure.

(sharpening the claws in preparation for Blogathon)


Blue husky mutt said...

I sponsored your blog a thon. I can't wait to see you sitting on the humans head. Can we request pics of special husky talents we would like to see?

Woofwoof said...

Alright alright we'll give, but that picture'd better be good. And ask the Presidentbush for belly rubs.

hershey the doglet said...

hey Meeshka! thanks for adding me to your friends, and mentioning me in your blog! i feel so special! silly computer differences, mom says she wishes she had a mac, she says she might get one when this computer dies.

Brant said...

Awwe, I love what you're doing here :)

Copper said...

I am very jealous. I am Hershey's best friend and am responsible for him blogging AND it was my Kennel we broke out of. Hershey showed me your blog though and you are one clever fluffy dog. I will read your blog now that I found it and learn about huskies. Back to my nap. Copper at JustMeCopper