Saturday, July 29, 2006

Something is Going On

Ok, the human woman got out the REALLY tasty treats and sent us to our crates, usually they only do that when they're going somewhere, but since they're in their jammies, that's probably not the case.

OOOOH, they let another human in the house, and we were locked up and couldn't jump on him!!! THOSE SELFISH HUMANS! The man did let us smell him when he stuck his hand in the crates, but I was unable to claw him and jump and baff him in the eye like I do for everyone I greet!

The man came and looked at the fridge, and talked with the humans (totally ignoring us, they're so mean), and then he left. It took the humans a while to let us out of our crates so we could go and thoroughly sniff the area where the new human was to make sure he didn't leave us any treats (he didn't).

Why is it that when people come to the house, they'll bring the humans something, but forget us? One time the humans had a BUNCH of people over for a tasty barbecue and threw us in the yard, but one of the humans actually brought us goodies, so we like her. She's nice and didn't forget who really owns the house.

(the mortgage is in the human's name, but the house is MINE)

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Sadie Mae said...

I go in my crate when Momma and Daddy go bye-bye without me. Daddy's usually very good about telling me times of when they'll be back. Except the other day. They were going out to Momma's school and he said they'd be back in three hours but instead it was like forever!