Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Story of Loki

This is the mutatoe gimpy pawed suck up named Loki:

Loki was found gimping along a very busy highway in Pennsylvania and he was taken to a shelter. A husky rescue nabbed him up and posted his picture on their site, and the human woman just gushed and talked about this little interloper, and just had to have him. Oh, that's all we heard about for weeks, and then they brought him to visit us.

Sam HATED him initially. Sam wanted to be the PUPPY of the house, and this troublemaker with his deformed little paw and being so tiny to begin with was sure to suck all of the attention away from us. After about an hour, Sam eventually sat on him (which is Sam's way of saying "ok, you can stay") and that was that... he was here for good. Now I had two step-brothers to deal with, and at that time the old guy-guy Nova too.

Its exhausting work trying to make sure they both stay out of trouble. If Loki isn't getting stuff out of the sink, then he's stealing soap out of the bathroom and eating it. If Sam isn't off stealing toilet paper, then he's usually doing something else devious. I have to watch them all the time and tattle on them to the human woman to make them stop.

Loki thinks that he owns the house now. At first he would try to walk like me, sit like me, be cute and fluffy like me, but he's scrawny and not at all fluffy. He use to have to wear a brace on his mutant paw and he'd actually use it to hit us with it. That thing HURT too! Walking up and baffing us on the head with it. Thankfully he doesn't have to wear it any more. The specialist decided that there wasn't a whole lot they could do to surgically repair that mess of a foot, so he just does what he wants without a brace. He runs really fast too, and his speciality is to wait by the house until we want to come in, then race at us as fast as he can, spin around and grab us by the tails. I hate that... he sucks.

Another annoying thing about him is that he can't woo. Tries, and fails. He's pathetic. He yaps more than he woos, which he'll manage a pathetic woo once in a while, and the human woman just goes nuts over that, hugs him and stuff. When he gets special treatment, I'll walk up and pile drive his head into the floor, just so he knows who really is the boss in this house.

Here he is trying to look ugly and scare Sam. If you look closely, Sam is doubled over with laughter. He's so pathetic.

(see what I have to deal with)

P.S. I have no idea where the group husky photo was taken. Some human by the name of Bonz sent it to me to use for Blogathon.


Aurora "Roo Roo" Borealis said...

Hi Meeshka! You can tell Sam that he can come over to our house to play. I love toilet paper, too!!!

Michelle said...

Polar likes soap too. You'd think his breath would smell better as a result, but nooooo!

'Kolai said...

Ha-wooo, Meesha!
Nikolai, here. Sorry, but I'm with Loki.
It was my gimpy ear that snagged my mama's heart two years ago! And I can hear just fine... what'd you say?

Cubby said...

Looks scary to me! But I'm not a husky...