Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Art of Sniff

Ok, for all of the humans who are reading, its about time you understood doggie language and start incorporating it into your every days lives, because once we take over... it'll be required. No more of this shaking hands stuff.

The international greeting will be sniff. Say you're walking on the street and see somehusky you know, you greet them with a good sniff. This tells you where they've been, wait they've been eating, and who they are. Remember, its common courtesy to extend your backside after the greeting sniff to reciprocate the greeting.

Sniff can also be useful to apologize for something you did. Husky faux pas?

Give a courtesy sniff. A courtesy sniff doesn't require a reciprocal sniff in return. Here Loki is apologizing for one of the many things he's done to me. I'm sure it involved grabbing my delicate tail and pulling it.

Sam and Loki demonstrate here how to approach someone and ask if it is ok to approach them without getting yelled at. This is a delicate approach, as you never really know the mood of the husky you are approaching.

After they are given approval to approach, then its always a good thing to let them sniff, so the one you are approaching knows it isn't a cruel trick and you are just pretending to be nice and will pounce on them anyway (as Loki does all that time).

Sam is clearly showing that he just wants to approach (and probably sit on you, because Sam really likes to sit on stuff), and that he doesn't want you to leap up and skitter after him in the yard.

I really don't see what is so hard about husky etiquette, and how humans continue to do silly things and get in trouble. One good sniff, and you know exactly where you stand with any dog, none of those silly "harrassment" issues to deal with.

For those of you who want in on the purse raffle and didn't bid $25, if you want to make another bid (because apparently you can't change the amount once you put it in) we will add the total amount you bid and if it is over $25, we'll include you in the purse raffle! Just make sure you bid under the same name, or let us know about your bids and we'll include you.

oooh, the human man is making grilled tuna sandwiches. I'm sure he's making one for me, so I gotta go check that out.

(can I have cheese on my sandwich please)

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Turbo's Human said...

Look, I'm all for assimilation, but if we humans went through the entire routine that you canines do every time you greet somedog, we'd never get anything done!