Monday, July 03, 2006

Things to do on a hot day

Ugly Face
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It seems as though the heat and bad weather have been rough on the baby bird population this year (not to mention our handywork at finding them when they try to hide in the yard). There have been no less than 2 dead baby birds found in the yard so far, and we've managed to roll in both of them.

This afternoon, Loki found a most gooey one. Boy was it stinky, I have no idea how we missed finding that one, but what fun we all had taking turns rolling on it. Baby birds are small and not as much fun as rolling in some of the bigger things that have gotten into the yard and met its fate at our teeth.

We were going to surprise the human woman when she let us in, but Loki hadn't finished applying his dead bird perfume yet, so she knew something was up. Ever the spoil sport, she picked up the bird (once again cursing her lack of rubber gloves that she keeps handy but always forgets to put on for these moments) and tossed it over the fence. I have no idea why she tosses things over the fance that rightfully belong to us.

Instead of baths, we all got rubbed down with some stinky cloth. Apparently the stink of that cloth is liked better by the humans than the stink of gooey dead baby bird. I'll never understand the human's taste for things.

Sniff me, I'm covered in dead things


IndyPindy said...

Humans are so wierd. My mom read some book about raw feeding, and the book said that the fiber in fruit is good for dogs. So she gave me a strawberry and a blueberry. I wasn't sure what to do with them so I rolled on them. Later mom and dad were laughing at me while they washed the fruit stains off of my fur and calling me "The Fruit Stained Husky". Whatever.

I think that's a funny picture, not at all ugly!

Cubby said...

You make me laugh! My moms don't let me roll in dead things either. There was a lovely dead armadillo in the road for weeks, and they didn't even let me sniff it!