Saturday, July 29, 2006

Update on the Jimmy Hoffa Search

There was a shed incident that caused chaos and mayhem on the search scene.

Our roving reporter has found that one of the huskies sneezed, causing a massive coat blowing drama, throwing our dig searchers off the trail for now.

The sneezing husky is fine, but the Hairmat team, armed with Dysons has been called to clean up the spill. At least the husky dig teams were able to remove the large mound of dirt before this happened. As soon as the Hairmat team has finished vacuuming, they will resume digging.

You may be wondering why huskies were called into this search. The explanation is very clear, as Hoffa's last reported sighting was when he exited the The Red Fox Restaurant, he was seen carrying a doggie bag. Since scores of humans have been unable to find him thus far, it is hoped that the huskies' keen nose for table scraps, and their ability to get them from anywhere they are hidden will finally solve this ages long mystery.

More information when it becomes available.



D. Animal said...

Vvvrrr Hoffa vrmrm fluff vvvvrrrrmmm... Vrrm? Vrrrm vvvmm! LOL!

hershey the doglet said...

hey meeskha, copper is moving to blogger too! he is currently figuring it out, but will be up and running soon...

IndyPindy said...

Wow, good work!

My humans said that they should collect the hair and use it to make beds for rescue doggies.

I don't think I would want a bed made of another dog's hair though.

Bonz AKA Bonnie said...

A sneeze or Spontaneous Combustion??