Monday, July 24, 2006

We got him!

Oh yeah, we're the best! We're the best diggers and sniffers, and protectors of our yard.

Remember that pesky mole we were snorfling and digging for?

Got him!

He won't be terrorizing our yard anymore, digging those dangerous trenches in OUR yard. We told the human woman he was there, but she didn't believe us, but here's the proof, we got him. Well, I did most of the work and this time actually got him. After I played with him, I took him to the front of the back door to guard him and show the human woman. She was very proud, put him in a nice plastic bag for me, wrapped him up all nice. I'm sure she didn't throw him over the fence like she does the others, because this one was mine. I'm guessing I'll get it back when we go outside again. I can't wait, so tasty.

(I am the Queen of the yard!)


Dusty Doodles said...

Ahhhh Meeshka....just wait. You ain't getting that mole back. Not never. They use those plastic bag things so they can throw it in the smell good can (they call it a trash can) so they don't have to smell it. It's gone. I'm sorry to haveta break it to you, but it's gone. You should have never showed it to your hoooman.

hershey the doglet said...

got job catching that mole. you knew it was there all along, your mom just wouldn't listen. you showed her! yeah dude sorry but dusty doodles is right you aren't getting it back. you should have buried it and then come back for it later. stuff gets really tasty when you do that. i wish i could catch something that cool!

Woofwoof said...

I have moles in my yard too but haven't caught them yet. One of these days...

I twice caught opossums. They are ugly things with mean hisses. Dang tasty though.

HollyBollyBoo said...

I have the same problem, Meeshka. I do a super job chasing the birds in my yard, catch one, then run excitedly in the doggie door to show my human mom, and she just never seems all that proud of me. All I hear is "Eeewwww Holly!!!" You would think she would be more excited that I'm so talented! She usually just makes my human dad pick it up with one of those plastic bags and I never see it again. So I guess you are most likely out of luck, and definitely won't get your mole back. My brother Samuel tells me I need to start doing like he does....chew real fast and swallow!!

Cubby said...

Good work! You are the man!