Sunday, July 30, 2006

What a Support Group I Have

Its very handy having huskies and other friend dogs from around the world helping me to stay awake. I want to thank all of you for rallying around me, and commenting to keep me awake... unlike the human woman and her stinky sleepy pants.

I just got an e-mail from Indy. Indy is famous and has been on the human television because he can actually speak human! Ok, so he only knows two things, one of which is "I love you", but still, he can say that to people and they just melt, give him treats (except he's only allowed real meat because of his stomach issues... something I think he may be faking just to get real meat and I may try that out later), but that works out for everyone with him, because we get the treats he can't eat.

I got to meet Indy at one of those rescue events that was luckily INSIDE during all this heat.

All of his fame and ability to talk (after all, its only polite in human language to say "hello" to everyone you meet, and he can say that), does come with a price though, as Indy explains:

When mom drops me off at day camp (I get to go to day camp twice a week!), she had to stop taking me in through the front lobby because I would say hello to people and then they would all be so amazed and want to pet me and talk about how gorgeous I am (duh!) So now mom has to drop me off at the "express drop-off" which is not as fun, because I don't get to see my adoring public.
You can see me say hello here, although the video takes a few seconds to load:
Mom got a REALLY good recording of me saying hello. In February of 2003, she emailed it to The Late Show With David Letterman, and they flew us to New York so that I could perform for Stupid Pet Tricks! Although it wasn't stupid at all. One of the dogs that was there did have a stupid trick - he pretended to pee. Big deal! I do that all the time when my humans want to go inside and I'm not ready yet, it's a great stalling tactic!
Here is the recording of me saying hello:"

So, much like being able to dial a phone, you have to be very careful of your talents, or else you'll be expected to do them all the time.

(not saying one human word other than "where's my food")

P.S. I hope those links work because I'm getting very sleepy and the only way I can amuse myself between postings now is to claw the human woman's leg and watch her twitch.

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Charlie The Big Dog said...

You have done really well!
Not long to go now, and you can get some Zzzz's.

We'll be right here with you til the end!