Saturday, July 29, 2006

Where Do I Live

Someone asked a while back where I lived and why was it so hot there.

I live in a state called Merryland, except its not very merry if you ask me.
The humans say that you "can't get there from here", they complain about people who drive all the time, they complain about their jobs all the time, they complain about stores, and generally all they do is complain. I would think if we really lived in Merryland, they would be happy.

In Merryland, there are a lot of icky, don't taste good bugs. Its HOT all the time, unless its winter, and then its COLD but there's hardly any snow. It rains all the time, when its not hot or cold. Its also something called "humid", which sounds an awful lot like what they would call a small huamn, but its not. Humid is when its SO HOT that it feels like you're living in an armpit. Humid is like when the human man takes a shower and forgets and shuts the door with me in there and the whole room steams up. That's HUMID.

We're suppose to live near a "coast", but I haven't seen it. About all I've seen is some icky, smelly water with stuff floating in it.

Old guy-guy Nova use to tell me tales of when he lived in a place called Florida, where it was so hot his feet would burn on the pavement. Then a place called North Carolina, which is actually south of Merryland, so I don't know why they named it North anything if its south of everything. He said it didn't snow there either.

Come to think of it, I haven't been anywhere other than Merryland. I think its time for a road trip to scout out a nicer place to live, and nothing with confusing North/South names either. Huskies aren't good at directions, so if there's more than one state named something, we'd just get lost and go to the wrong one. How hard is it to come up with names of states and not be redundant? There aren't that many!

All for renaming North Carolina to Ralph, raise your paw!

(how hard is it?)


Fargo said...

I'm raising my paw!

We all live in a place called Columbia, Misery. It's too hot here, too.

Hollybollyboo said...

I feel your pain Meeshka. It's dreadfully hot and humid here in Omaha Nebraska too. 95 right now, and going to be 100 later today and tomorrow. Our humans are planning on moving us north to a new home in a place that is more fitting to us northern breeds, Minnesota. It's someplace by such a big lake they call it Superior! Wow, it must be GREAT! They say it might be a couple of years (whatever that means), but at least a cooler place is in our future!! Good luck to you in getting your humans to find a cooler spot for you too!
Hollybollyboo and the crew

Anonymous said...

Hiu Meeshka! Baxter the Beautiful here.... we are close to you in West of something Virginia, and our mom-Donna says you can come here to play anytime. Our hot is only 70 today BUT I have a GREAT river to swim in and it is COOOOLD!!! Wonderful huksy vecation place ^..^ and you can bring the otehr furballs and your hu-mans too. We even have a furball named Mishka herre, but she is not as pretty as us red and whites... she is just gray and wet (she likes to swim too). Write to mom -donna and she will send a directions or bus tricket, she is a sucker for red heads :)
luv u!!

Sibe's Mom said...

I'm also stuck in Merryland, which could be called stinkyhotland. I've been to Pencilvania,which is not much better - particularly since I did not see any pencils to chew on.
Mom is heading to a place called Cannada soon. She's telling me that it's much cooler there, and there's snow!
Dakota - who misses snow horribly and knows that ice cubes don't count.

Cubby said...

You think you live in stinkyhotland. No. Texas is stinkyhotland for sure.