Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who Your Donations Go To

As much as I would like to take all of the money sponsored (I won't need it once the rich banker from war torn Roospuchistan manages to get the money out of the vault and send it to me), I thought I'd show and tell you about some of the pups that it will help out, who will eventually become full fledged HULA members once they find their fur-ever homes. (wow, that's a long sentence).


Alaska, always the bridesmaid, never adopted, someone needs to love this sweet thing




Nikita has been having allergy, sinus, food... who knows issues, but the rescue with the help of Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL) have been paying to run all sorts of nose tests on her to make her all better.


Tristin is the little canine flu carrier that spread it to all of his foster brothers and sisters


Willow and pups Just came in and won't be available until they are ready, weaned, and able (see the blog I did on them for pictures, I have no idea what time that was).

Quincy Came into rescue with Parvo
Riley His sister developed pneumonia and the ER vet actually asked her foster mom if they should try to keep her alive if she should stop breathing... mom said yes, of course, but it didn't come to that.

So you can see how your donations will help all of these foster dogs get good medicines, good care, and finally find good homes that really care about us as living, breathing, clawing beings, and let us use the internet to take over the world.

thank you everyone for your support, and I'm pretty sure the foster dogs thank you as well.

(getting a bit misty eyed and nice on no sleep. I thought I would be much crankier)


Shmoo said...

Ok, the first time I uploaded that one, it came out crappy and none of the names flowed with the pictures, so I had to fix it... even half asleep, I'm still a perfectionist husky


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Thank you for making it happen!

I am sure all those doggies will have much happier days ahead because of your fine effort.

Ninja said...

It's great what you've done <33