Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Woe of being a "rescue family" dog

One of the annoying things about having a human that helps with a rescue, other than them bringing home all these gimpy dogs to suck all the attention out of your life, but on top of that... they drag you to all of these "events" that they have.

6,000 degrees out, and they get the leash and harness out and you think you're going someplace good, like an ice cream store, but no... you're sitting on hot pavement somewhere and asked to be "pretty" for the people coming by asking them stuff. Do I look like a hood ornament?

I just got this e-mail from poor Sasha just now:

"I have now claimed the closet. It's Sasha's closet.
Well, everything in the house is mine, but especially here.
I'm sick of Ray being blind and cute and getting attention, and Isis being fat and cute and getting attention.
I still have stupid poodle paws from going to the vet and getting needles in my dainty little legs.
Isis always gets to go to cool events and have fun.
So I complain enough, and they take me. Today. In 95 degree heat.
Um, did you notice I'm a black dog with a double coat?
How about a nice dogsled event in the snow? Let the dogs pull me around in the sled for a while. What, you didn't think I was gonna pull a sled, did you??
But, NOOOO, I go to an event in the middle of summer.
I haven't decided what I'm going to trash to punish them. Maybe the sofa....I don't think a pair of shoes will get the point across..

Here's poor Sasha, hiding in her closet to get away from the humans.


Niki said...

I, too, have claimed a closet as my own. I do not like having my picture taken, but that lady I live with insists on snapping a few photos of me from time to time. Just a few days ago, the lady snuck up on me and took my picture while I was retired to my private closet!

Sadie Mae said...

I sleep in Momma's closet at night. One time I thought I got locked in there and Daddy had to come and save me. I though I was going to be stuck in there forever! I also chewed this really neat wire that was in Momma's closet. It didn't zap me like the zappy wire. So I kept chewing it. Now Momma says they might have to replace it when we move, but we don't know when that is.