Sunday, July 30, 2006

WOOOHOOO We're over $1,000 pledged!

Thanks to Opy and Charlie for pointing out that my blogathon to help Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue has just hit over $1,000 in pledges!

Wow, never in a gazillion years would I imagine the love... the fluffiness, and the the caring from all of my adoring fans and fellow dog bloggers.

I'd like to thank the academy... oh wait, wrong awards thing.

I'm sure you already know that the human woman fell asleep a long time ago. So much for that "I'm right there with you Meeshka", and the "I'll stay up and transcribe all of your wonderful words of wisdon" crap.

After checking the weather, and e-mailing all the rich people, I got her camera off the desk (and dipped my tail in her coffee... that'll be tasty when she wakes up), and took a picture of her.

Of course, the humans made this camera for humans, and since I wasn't able to hold it properly and then press the tiny little button they put on it (note to self, develop husky-compatible camera), so this is the best I could do:

Please note, she's wearing the same freakin flannel sleepy pants again. Ok, in the leaf blower one, she's wearing sweats, but that's only because she bathed me and didn't want to get the sleepy pants wet. She changed out of the sweats and into the sleepy pants after I was dry.

She actually gets dressed when she goes to work, but the moment she comes home... sleepy pants. Sleepy pants when she's home on the weekend, sleepy pants at night after work. She does have a purple pair of sleepy pants, and she must wear those when the blue pattern sleepy pants are so nasty they stand up by themselves. I won't even comment on the nail polish, as I sufficiently rubbed fur on them when they were still wet, so I don't want to add insult to injury there.

(can you put on some real pants for a change)


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

HeHeHe - my mum's the same Meeshka ! She has these horrible purple sweats and blue slippers that dad absolutely hates ! He even hid her slippers - but she found them. She reckons they are comfortable - dad reckons they are STUPID !!!!


labrynth said...

Congrats on the pledges you collected!!! Just 5 hours to go =)

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Mum said Im not allowed to comment about this either :-)