Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Average Day

Just wanted to share with you all why I'm always tired. I swear, if its not saving something from getting stolen off the counter by one of the idiot step-brothers, its something else.

Here I am trying to relax in the yard. You'll notice that my feet are crossed, which I've been told means that I'm a leader of sled dogs. Leader is right, I'll just lay here, you go pull the sled and be quick about it.

Here is Sam complaining to the human woman about something I did, or at least something he thinks I did. I'm fluffy, I do no wrong, so I have no idea what he's going on about. Look, I'm right there just eating some grass, all innocent.

This is me attacking Sam for tattling on me earlier. He kept sitting on me, eating my grass, then had the gall to call me a name, so I had to make sure he knew who was boss. He peed himself when I came after him... heeee, I love that.

After all of that hard work, defending my grass, defending my honor, and chasing mutant gimpy step-brothers around the yard, its time to relax again.

We convinced the human woman to feed us early again, and now we're crowding the human man trying to get his Ritz crackers. He threatens to hit us, but he's a push-over, I'm sure we'll get a cracker soon enough, whether he gives it to us, or we storm the castle and get them ourselves.

(gonna get a Ritz)


JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka you are one tough cookie. You will be a great leader when you rule the world.

Dusty Doodles said...

Meeshka -- Omani crosses his feet like that and he is the bottom, even below me Doodles. So what you think that means?? He is part husky but mainly German Shep.

hershey the doglet said...

i almost got a bbq potato chip today but dad got it off the floor before i did! meeshka i hope you get a cracker!

Dachsies Rule said...

Hey Meeshka,

What do you suppose it means that all of us dachsies read your blog? We like being dachsies but it's nice to see how big dogs live! And we are waiting for your to take over the world!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

IndyPindy said...

Meeshka, you have been tagged!

Aleanor's Homeground said...

Hey, just wondering whether dogs who cross their legs "think" they are pack leader ... I used to have a dog of a "spitz" breed(he passed away a while back) who used to do that. But he's the only dog in the house!

p/s: Pardon me, not sure how to spell the name of the breed...