Thursday, August 10, 2006

Super Typhoon... Coincidence, or Justice

The human woman stayed home all day today. We heard a big rumble outside, and sure enough, we got tossed in our crates, but we forgave her this time... we got something called "Jumbones" which were VERY tasty and are suppose to clean out teeth. I admit, I have a bit of a plaque build up, which I wouldn't have if the human woman would get over her raw food thing and give us frozen turkey necks, like I've seen suggested by other humans on that list she reads all the time.

But I digress... apparently some big items in the back downstairs room needed to be removed, and some bigger downstairs items needed to be moved into the room. They're white, they're big, and I've seen them and I'm not too keen about the noise they make. The human woman is totally entranced by these things, and they have little windows, so I'm thinking they might be televisions since she sat there and watched them, although she put clothes in them. I'm guessing she's insane.

So, after we ate our Jumbones, and sniffed around where the work guys were (not getting too close to those new quiet, yet disturbing televisions that swirl clothes), I cruised the internet for some news and found that China (dog beaters of the world) is getting smacked by a SUPER TYPHOON.

I'm a pretty wordly pup, and I have to say that China getting whacked by a SUPER TYPHOON is pretty kharmic. You would think that for all the hoopla over panda bears they get, they'd be a little bit nicer to dogs... but then again, they don't get a gazillion dollars from zoos to breed and raise their dogs.

I'm pretty sure they'll take the Humane Society's offer for money to vaccinate their dogs, but then I have to think... why does the Humane Society have all that dough when there's still dogs (and cats) wandering homeless and now feral in Louisiana because of that hurricane?

When huskies (and other dogs) rule the world, we'll get rid of all those "animal rights" groups, because they don't seem to spend a whole lot of money on actual animals... they seem to spend it all on stupid campaigns, and tv spots, and big dinners to raise more money that doesn't go to animals. They shouldn't really be called "animal rights" groups, they're more like "animals give us rights to more money" groups.

Save your bucks and donate your money to the little not-for-profit rescues in your local area. At least you can actually visit them and see that the money is going to the animals, unlike those big groups... unless you want to go visit their multi-million dollar office complexes and get a free cup of holistic herbal free range tea bag tea.

(oooh, on a rant tonight!)


JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, Mom's have different toys from us dogs. We have to be patient with them.

Why do you and your dog brothers have to go in kennells when the men come?

Turbo's Human said...

Here! Here!!!!!!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Yeah, every time there is a big ask for money for a big disaster, my Mommy writes a check out to a local group so they don't go out of business. She says, charity starts at home, then the next step is the neighborhood.

Bussie Kissies

Sibe's Mom said...

Meeshka -
It might be a rant, but it had to be said. Husky wisdom at it's best.


Dusty Doodles said...

My Da momma won't give money to those big do no good groups, she says she gives money to help all doggles and doglets (not to mention huskies) have homes. Any one else get those tasty junk mail things from HSUS -- they usually have stickers in them and they stick to my tongue when I rip them to shred.

fee said...

halo meeshka o wise one,

you are super duper cool!

fee (eight months and still learning)

hershey the doglet said...

my mom has a washer that look like televisions, when she first got them i watched the washer go round and round and round and round and round and now they aren't so cool...but they were cool in the beginning. oh and my cat nixon likes to get in them if she leaves the door open so she has to be extra special careful not to WASH or DRY him (although i wouldn't mind...hehe)