Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Airport Adventure (which I didn't go on) and Uncle Jack is HERE!

I wanted to go to the airport and pick up Uncle Jack with the humans, but the human woman told me that the airport has a new rule where no liquids are allowed. Since dogs contain liquids, I wasn't allowed at the airport. Although humans have stupid rules, I think she pulled a fast one on me.

She reported back to me that the police at the airport now ride these things called Segways

They were all over the place, zooming around, doing little donuts, whipping about here and there. There was a little convoy of them zooming around too. Although I think the humans should get them once we outlaw all cars in Meeshka World, I'm thinking that our Homeland Security dollars could be used a bit wiser in the airport security arena. After all, what if the terrorist (call me crazy) runs up the stairs?

Anyhoo, Uncle Jack came in and we, of course, mauled him, and the human woman, of course, didn't get any pictures of the mauling. For the first day or so, we have to follow him everywhere, just to make sure he knows where everything is, and in case he drops food.

Every morning we have to lay by the door until he wakes up, and then its like he's just come in again, and the mauling starts all over.

I made sure to claw him really good when he woke up, just to remind him who was the boss of the house. He knows that though, which is why we love Uncle Jack.


IndyPindy said...

Tell the human woman that she better get some pictures of you guys mauling uncle Jack. Pics of you guys doing the wake up dance on his chest would be especially good!

Cubby said...

Guests are fun!

JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, I couldn't help but notice YOU were closest to the door. The other dogs respect your fluffiness, don't they?