Monday, September 18, 2006

Another Selfishgrain Day

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The human woman came home at lunch complaining about one of her selfishgrain headaches. She used that as a convenient excuse to stay home and lay in bed with us, which we didn't mind. We were scheduled for a nap anyway, so sleeping on the bed (on her head) was an added bonus for us.

Around 3pm, I had enough napping and thought she'd feel much better if I clawed her head, and sure enough, she came leaping out of the bed and chased me. I should have done that much sooner, that way she could have been up, feeding us goldfish crackers (which we know she's hiding somewhere).

The grubs have been plentiful today as well. We've managed to cultivate quite a few of them, so I'm guessing the humans planted a bumper crop of them this year. The human woman mutters and covers up the little trenches we dig them out of. I'm hoping more will grow in those spots later. Unfortunately the mosquitos are very thick this time of year, but due to my fluffiness, I am imune to their bites except on my delicate ears. The human woman gives us pills once a month that are suppose to keep the mosquitos from giving us heartworms, which are bad. You need to make sure your humans give you those pills each month too.

I'm really liking this cooler weather, and I've been trying to explain that to the human woman by planting my front feet on her chair and clawing her. She apparently doesn't understand, or I'm not clawing hard enough. I'll try that later, since I've just eaten and I'm going to go nap now.

(I'm dreaming of some nice grubbies)


JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka you look so good in that picture. It was good of you to nap with your Mom. I love to nap with my Mom.

Sibe's Mom said...

Still no grubs in the Catoctin Mountain area. But I'll keep looking.

Althea said...

The skeeters don't bother me either but they sure seem to bother my Dad. Just minutes ago he was complaining about the largest skeeter bite in the world that he has on his elbow.

Still a bit too warm today but we're getting there. Soon it will be cold and snowy. Yippee.

Althea said...

Meeskha I'm tagging you. So please list five things that make a true doggie friend.

Cubby said...

The clawing did not work for me - I tried it right on mom's face, but nothing good came of it. I must be doing it wrong...