Sunday, September 03, 2006

HULA Report from Agent 00K9

Dear Queen Meeshka,

First let me say that I am your dedicated servant. You are the most beautiful, intelligent and fluffy Husky blogger that I have ever seen. I bow to your leadership.

I recently learned of the wonderful warfare that you are directing via your blog. Since then, I’ve been studying typing and e-mail. What great human inventions! Having recently acquired my own Paw Pilot, I am now connected and able to send updates on my contributions to HULA.

Just like you, I am sovereign of my home. Being a full blooded handsome husky in a home of humans and gimpy rescues, I am in charge. I laugh at their gimpy-ness. I revel in my dominance and thick fluffy coat. No human or gimpy rescue can keep up with me.

Yesterday was a great day! A coup for all husky-kind. Not only was I able to trick my human woman, escape out the garage door and make her run after me for miles, I was also able to convince one of those “rescues” she brings home to pull her lunch off the counter. While the human had her head in the cool box thing that human food comes from, I nipped the rescue on the rear and ate the sandwich that he had pulled off the counter. I would have been able to totally get away with it if I had taken the time to lick the mustard off my muzzle. I’ll know next time!

The escape was fantastic! I showed her how fast I can run. How I will stop until she is just within a few feet and then take off again. The two legged slow poke was so out of breath by the time I allowed her to catch me that she couldn’t even yell at me. What fun it was!

One of the gimpy dogs that live in my house is an old Alaskan malamute rescue that the human woman brought home. Her name is Sweetie.

She was very sick when she came to live with us. The humans said she had been living on the streets for a long time. During her homeless time, she caught Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from the pesky mosquitoes around here. Sometimes she still gets nose bleeds that I like to lick because its fun to see the humans start screaming. I have attached her picture to show you how really really fluffy she is. The human woman says that she is my cousin but I don’t believe it.
I will keep you posted with my adventures.

Keep up the good work.

Your most handsome, fastest, and special fan,

Agent 00K9


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Oh no - the curse of Uncle Jack strikes again. Steve Urwin - the Crocodile Hunter - has died. Apparently, a stingray barb went through his chest whilst he was making a documentary out here in Queensland. Maybe not such a big deal to you guys in the States - but pretty big out here in Oz.
Did alot for conservation worldwide. Sad day.......


Raisa Husky said...

Well done! I think Agent 00K9 deserves a special medal from HULA for his great job!