Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saying Good-bye to Uncle Jack

The humans are doing the usual prep work for Uncle Jack to leave. The signs are all there, laundry stuff, packing stuff, ignoring us stuff.

I was just glaring at the human woman, who kept looking over at me nervously, wondering what I was up to, what I was about to do, would it involve pain.

They went out to eat last night, dragging home the remnants and not sharing. For that, we kept the human woman awake half the night demanding to be let out. Its only right.

We’ll be glad to see Uncle Jack go, not because we don’t like him, but mainly because while he’s here, the humans keep the bedroom door closed and it gets really hot in there at night. We aren’t able to meander out when we want and get a drink of water, we aren’t allowed to sprawl in cool places if we feel like it. We like our freedom to roam at night... even though we don’t because someone will steal our bed spot.

It’ll also be good to get back to a “normal” routine where we know what to expect and when. Its really hard to nap when you don’t know what the humans’ plans are. We haven’t had a really good play time since he arrived, just some bed ricocheting once in a while. Then there’s having the human woman not in her usual spot and me not able to lay in my usual spot under the table, clawing her leg when I feel like it.

Overall, its good to have Uncle Jack around (except for that pesky curse thing), but then again, its nice to get back to our normal routine again.

Have a safe flight Uncle Jack, we’ll maul you next year!



Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Meeshka,

Im sure Uncle Jack is a very nice good person, but the "Curse" of Uncle Jack is REALLY freeky.
Im glad you get "Open Bedroom Door" priveledges back. Normality is pretty good.


Cubby said...

Bye Jack!