Thursday, September 14, 2006

Somebody Stop This Rain

It was so gloomy this morning (how gloomy was it?) that I slept in until 5 and didn’t get a chance to claw the human woman awake before the annoying alarm went off. Sigh, not a good way to start the morning. Every morning should start with a good claw of your human.

So, we go outside and its literally POURING buckets of rain. Now I can’t be expected to go out in that and do my business. I don’t see the human woman out there with her morning cup of coffee, sitting in the rain, so why should I be expected to do that.

I peed, tippy toed back to the house and demanded to be let back inside. Its insane I tell you.

At lunch, same thing. POURING rain out. Once again, tippy toe out, pee, tippy toe back in, demand to be let in.

At play time... you guessed it. Now a fluffy husky has certain needs to perform, and I simply cannot perform under these circumstances. No matter how much I woo and stomp my delicate little feet, the human woman has not gotten out the umbrella and held it over me so I can do my business without drops of water bonking me on the head and distracting me. She simply must stop the rain, or hold the umbrella over me.

It finally stopped to some degree later on in the night, so I’ll be going out to dig up more tasty grubs. I’m sorry to hear that they aren’t available everywhere. They certainly are plentiful in our yard, as I continue to find their delicate and tasty grubbiness and dining in style. The human woman says that they eat their grass from the roots up and are pests, so I would think that she would approve of my digging large holes to eradicate them from the yard. Apparently the whole digging and destroying large portions of the grass are not her idea of an effective solution to the problem. She’s never happy.

(grub buffet tonight)


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Yummy ! Grubs are good - nice and crunchy ! Send some of that rain our way please - we need it !


Poseidon said...

I hate rain too! When my mama took me on the long trip from our new house to our old house, she made me get out of the car IN THE RAIN to do my thing. Can you believe it? Then she laughed and called me a big baby. Apparently nobody told the silly human peoples that us older dogs (I hate it when she calls me "senior") have certain needs.....and one of those needs is to stay dry!

Turbo the Sibe said...

We pee and poop on the deck when it's raining. There is a nice roof over it. I've trained my Human just to hose it all off.