Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why is it?

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Charlie got me thinking (which is usually dangerous for the entire world).

Why is it that humans make fun of us dogs when we like to stare at the dryer, and yet they’ll sit in front of that T.V. thing and watch race cars drive around an oval for hours and hours, but that’s ok and perfectly normal?

At least when we’re watching the dryer, we’re practicing our snout/eye coordination, learning how to track the clothes as they swirl without moving our heads and tipping off our prey to our presence.

The humans just seem to watch the tv, they don't really learn anything from it, they sometimes yell at it, the don't seem particularly pleased by what they see most of the time, and yet they stare at it.

They also seem perpetually puzzled as to why we aren't amused by it. They'll turn up the volume when there's some sort of wild animal on there making noise. Then try to goad us into showing interest in this wild animal. Um... I can't eat that, why bother?

They also turn up the volume when there's a dog barking or growling or howling. What? You expecting me to translate? Ok, most of them are saying "Hey, I was promised a cookie for standing here and looking cute, but I'm not getting NEARLY enough cookies to stand here for 5 hours looking cute because bonehead human actor guy can't remember his freakin lines" That's what they're saying.

Sometimes we do plant HULA members on tv shows. So humans, if your pet gets really interested in some animal on tv... its probably because they're receiving special instructions to make your life miserable. One day... soon... they'll be getting the go ahead for world take-over. But you'll never know.

(I prefer infomercials)


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Well Meeshka - I am glad that "human stupidity" is not just a thing confined to one country - nice to see it is worldwide ! My humans do that same thing with a dog barking on the TV, they turn it up, watch us and giggle to themselves. Stupid humans !


Macie-Malechai said...

We made the mistake of looking up once when there was a wolf on TV so now the lady thinks we actually watch it, paleeeze, we could care less! Turn that stupid box off & come play with us! The older we get the more we relize how truly stupid humans are!

hollybollyboo said...

My step brother Monty likes to howl at the beginning of the movie Adams Family Values because there is some guy on it howling at the moon. He always does it, no matter where in the house he is. He will come running as soon as our humans start playing it. Then, me and my other step brother Samuel like to howl along with Monty. We love our howling sessions, its lots of fun. Maybe you could get your humans to do that for you!

JustMeCopper said...

Yeah, but admit it .. do you dogs run to the door and bark when you hear a dorbell on TV? I do! I know ... I get sooo embarrassed!