Sunday, October 29, 2006

Got my Fluffiness Up

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That whole blogger thing just made me very mad. I had several good rants to tell you about, but in my fluffy fury about the stupid blogger humans, I forgot what they were about.

The human woman has been snacking all day and not sharing. I expect that soon she'll be so huge, she won't be able to get out of that computer chair. Sleepy pants fabric stretched to the limits.

The human man has been in a mood as well. He's taking what they say is "college", and he rants and raves and go stark raving insane when he takes those. I fail to see why the humans pay for stuff that makes them so miserable and teaches them very little. Even after taking other "college" he can't chase and catch mice, or dig for moles, he still walks on 2 legs (which is highly inefficient), and he bathes regularly in that big water bowl that only gets filled with hot water.

I would think that if they stopped spending money on silly "college" they could use that money for toys, squeeky things, and food. I also don't understand why they spend all of their time cooking stuff. They come home from some wonderful place that pre-catches and skins their meat, and then they cook it. What's up with that? They could save so much time by just eating it raw, but no, they cook it and put other things in with it. Then they use different dishes for stuff, and take the time to wash those dishes. Just lick them clean, what's the big deal?

So, I'm just a bit confused by humans today. They pay for stupid things, they cook their meats, they don't share, they take pictures of me while I'm trying to nap, and oh, they wash their clothes all the time. Come on, I wear the same fur every day and except for some touch ups, I'm fine. Not the humans, they wash their clothes, they shampoo their hair every stinkin day! So much time and money wasted on things that don't have to be done.

I bet humans would get along much better if they didn't bathe, wash their clothes, and rolled in poop or dead things.



Sibe's Mom said...

Meeshka, that college thing is happening around here too. It's all I can do to get on the computer to catch up with everyone, much less get on to my blog and spread the husky word. I gotta run, The Mom is headed this way and mumbling something about a paper. I hope it's one I can pee on.


The Army of Four said...

What can I say? Bipeds are an inferior life form. They just don't understand things as clearly as we do.
And blogger....... I'd like to grab them by the scruf of the neck myself and give 'em a good shake! I've heard the beta thingy gives people fits, too, though. ???
Tail wags,
...Signs, signs, everywhere a sign... Ha rooo!

JustMeCopper said...

And work. What's up with that? What do they have to do away from the house to work anyway? Can't they do it here so that we can have snacks all day and go outside to poddy anytime we want?!

Michelle said...

College here too! Been busting my butt all weekend 'cause on Tuesday I have a big exam on evolution, and a speech to give in a "communication" class the same day. Obviously if the test would just read "What is the highest form of life? a) Huskies b) Huskies c) Huskies d) All of the above," and if the speech could just go "Rooooo!" everyone's life would be much easier. What else is there to know?

Fortunately, huskies always know when it's study time, and they do their part to help by running around and pouncing and pile-driving extra loud and extra fast, so I'm sure the human man is enjoying the benefit of that assistance...

Dusty Doodles said...

Meeshka -- What is up with this time change thing that the hoomans are doing again?? I want my dinner at 6pm and when the sun says it's 6pm the hoomans tell me it's only 5pm. Huh?? But the sun says ....and then they tell me they changed the clocks?? Are they stooopid or what???? I say find those peepols that started this clock changing stuff and lets take them over first!!! My dinner was a whole hour late!!!

Anonymous said...

Meeshka, you of all dogs know that humans are stupid. I'm slowly learning that it really is a waste of good pup energy to try and figure them out.

However, since your dad is taking college, you can probably help out a lot. ONe of my people does college for work and so I know that the humans who read the students' work are always looking for something a little "spiced up".

I'm sure if you typed on the computer when your dad has a paper due, the paper would get a high grade and your dad would be able to take less college. Maybe your mom would leave you some snacks for your work. And then the human people woudl be less stressed so you'd be a hero

Try it--i'm sure it'll work!

Holly said...

My mom has that college too, and she is WAY stressed. She does this "homework" thing every weekend, although I never see any work being done on our home, and all she does is sit in the recliner with her laptop and a book. Luckily she is done in 3 more weeks, so we can all get back to having fun on weekends, and doing doggie related stuff, and making sure the humans do what WE want for entertainment!

Jay said...

Hi, what can I say... humans are weird creatures!


Tierre said...

Hey, Meeshka, have you checked out Blogger Status ( lately?