Thursday, October 12, 2006

Its Not Easy Being Meeshka

I get very little respect in this house lately, and frankly I'm tired of it.

Last night I wanted to blog, but the human woman hogged the powerbook all night doing stupid things, like answering e-mails, and putting merchandise on someone else's cafe press shop (for really cute husky items, and to help support Karen Ramstead in her 2007 Iditarod run, visit her North Wapiti Cafe Press Shop All proceeds go toward her campaign to run the 2007 Iditarod, and she's really cool).

HEY, I didn't type that! See what I mean?

So last night at 2am there was a horrible, horrible storm. It woke me up, so I had to wake up the human woman. She took us out, and let us back in, and I got so mad because the human man didn't wake up like he's suppose to. So I clawed him awake. Its a good thing I'm around or these humans would just sleep through these storms!

So, did I get a cookie for being a hero? Did I get a medal? Did the humans get up and leave me the entire bed to lay on? No... the human woman put the shirt on me again. So, there I am... wearing a shirt again. How can I possibly be taken seriously while wearing a shirt. Disgusted, I jumped off the bed and pouted on my air vent. The human woman informed the human man in the morning that the shirt really calms me down during storms. NOOO! The shirt makes me feel like a complete idiot and there's no way I can sufficiently claw and woo a storm warning while wearing a stupid shirt!

Ok, to answer some questions:
Loki's butt is (so far) better. He's still licking once in a while, but I think he just does it because he can.

Yes I've heard of the furminator and although at first it was nice, I've come to realize that it is EVIL. My fluff is my fluff, leave it alone.

(stupid shirt)


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

What, no stupid shirt picture ? Comeon, Meeshka - give it up - you know we are all dying to see a pic :-)


JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, my Mom told me that she told a fried of hers about the special metalic strom cape that you posted on your site. Her friend's dog goes nuts when there is a thunder strom and she was ather wits end. Poor dog chews through walls and doors and metal kennels and they were spending a lot of money on medicine to calm him down and it still wasn't working. She she bought the cape to try it. Her vet was curious too. Since she bought it there have not been any storms.

The Army of Four said...

ALL brushes are EVIL! Even the Furminator!!!!!!!!!
Love, Amber

Macie-Malechai said...

Shirt pic., shirt pic., shirt pic.!

Cubby said...

Magic storm shirt? My moms would like a magic separation anxiety shirt if you find one. I prefer to be naked.