Monday, October 23, 2006

My tummy is not happy

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Howdy everyhusky (and dog), my stomach is really, REALLY upset today. I think it was from the very tasty Chicken Tender jerky treat the human woman gave us this weekend. That's the only thing I can think of (other than a distinct lack of tasty used kleenex) that could cause this problem.

I had to wake the human woman at 4am to take me out. She is NOT easy to get up when the alarm isn't ringing, and I just couldn't jump on the bed and claw her like normal, because I was afraid that I would have a poo tsunami like old guy-guy Nova had one time.

Today at lunch, the same thing. The human woman let me out of my crate and I zoomed down the stairs. She took her sweet time about letting me out and I barely made it to the yard in time. After that she was a bit more understanding and suck up.

Today after the work period was over, she luckily came home early, but try as I could, I just couldn't hold it any longer, and poo'd on the carpet downstairs. So embarrassing. I'm going to feed them something bad and then lock their bathroom door so they have to ask ME to get in when they're having a poo emergency.

The one good thing about having an upset stomach (and blaming it on the humans) is that you do get to poo in the house and they don't yell at you. Just strike your most pathetic poop pose and whimper a little and they just tell you to let it fly. They don't care. The guilt will let you have a freebie poo in the house.

(I'm thinking I'll need to go out every hour tonight)


IndyPindy said...

You are so right. When my mom tried new dog foods with me and they made me sick, she never got mad at me for having an accident in the house. She always felt sorry for me. The whimpering will get you a tummy rub and petting afterwards.

JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, Moms are nice to you when you feel bad. My Mom is nice when I throw up. If I eat grass or poo, then she is not so nice to me. Hope you get to feeling better.

Dachsies Rule said...


I hope you get to feeling better. I know what you mean about getting a free pass when you don't feel good. I threw up on Mom's bed and she just cleaned it up and petted me. She was worried since I didn't feel good. She was alot nicer about washing the sheets for me then she was for washing the sheets for Roxie (see the Oct 23 post).


Kelsey and Smokey said...

After I have a seizure, I normally have to go poopy and since my humom is a total spaz, she won't let me go near the stairs for about an hour after a seizure because she's scared I'll fall down. At any rate, in the house poo time it is. :>) Bless her heart, she doesn't yell at me and I don't fall down. It's awesome.

Dusty Doodles said...


Tell your human lady that you need a pumpkin. It will make your tummy feels good and it tastes good too.

Jay said...

Oh dear Meeshka, I hope you are feeling better!


Macie-Malechai said...

Poor Meeshka! Hope your belly feels better soon. We had the craps for the first 2 weeks that our humans brought us home, something about being dewormed & the dummies changed our food right away, so we know about having a "poo emergency". Good luck, hopefully it will go away soon!

The Army of Four said...

Hope you feel better, Meeshka. Maybe you'll get some punkin out of the deal, like the Doodles said. Or at least sticky rice. I love sticky rice!

The Army of Four said...

PS: Check my blog today! Wooo!

lucy said...

Poor Meeshka! I hope you tummy is all better now. I had the same problem a couple weeks ago and it is very embarassing to poo on the carpet cause you can't get outside! I think locking the bathroom door would suit them just fine! Hang in there!

Freda said...

Oh Meeshka,

When you gotta poop, ya gotta poop. I hope you are feelin' better.

So far I've been able to hold it and get to the park a block away before the dam brakes. One dark night, I asked to be let out back. I reeeeally needed to poop. So to the back I went and a lot farther. Without my collar or anything, I went to the park, pooped, and returned home all by myself. Mom and Dad were just leavin' the house to find me when I returned.

I do chunder on the carpet occasionally though.


Cubby said...

Poor thing! Feel better soon!