Sunday, October 01, 2006

We're so vicious

We're so vicious
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Look, its a gimpy fight!
Ok, its not a gimpy fight, they're just playing, but just look at them. They try so hard to look all ferocious and evil, yet they can't stop wagging their tails. That's a dead give-away that they aren't serious... plus there's never any blood.

The human woman says (correctly) that you can always tell between huskies playing and huskies fighting, because there's much less blood when they're playing.

I've seen other breeds playing. Some think that chasing a ball and bringing it back is playing (that seems like work to me). I've seen dogs chase each other, tag the one being chased and then someone else is "it". What's the point? Huskies play chase too, except the point of the game is to chase down the prey, grab it by the neck and slam it to the ground and then stomp on it. That's how we play "tag".

We play riccochet queen of the bed. The point of that game is that I'm the queen of the bed, and the puny little gimpy dogs try to get me to leave the bed. They never win, but its fun watching them try. They jump off the bed, run into the living room, get up enough speed to run back into the bedroom, leap on the bed, then attack me. I'm always waiting for that, so they never win.

There's "stick keep away", which means someone finds a tasty stick, we want the tasty stick, so we chase the owner of the tasty stick until he catch them by the scruff of the neck and slam them to the ground. That's a fun one.

As I've mentioned before, Loki doesn't play fair, and will grab us by the tail to slow us down. I hate that. We're too busy trying to get the little pirhana off our tail that we usually drop the stick.

(don't touch my fluffy tail)


The Army of Four said...

Hey Meeshka,
I got to meet and play with a PB&J dog... or PBGV or something... the other day. He's a pretty cool little dude, but he and his mama didn't want to play neck grabbies. What's the point of playing then? I LOVE neck grabbies!
Is he weird or what? Still fun, though.
Play bows,

Althea said...

I tend to get in trouble for "playing rough" at the dog park. Dad knows it is just normally husky play but some of the other dog parents don't understand and don't want there precious little pansy dogs to get hurt. I say if you don't want your dog to get hurt then maybe you should bring that little Yorkshire Terrier to the dog park. I have feline siblings bigger than that thing.

cyber-sibes said...

You bring up a good point, Meeshka. I love to play with everydog at the dogpark, but I get into trouble for doing fun things like stomping on little dogs, flipping them over, tripping dogs that run by, jumping over dogs (so what if I slip in a kick to the head) doesn't all that sound like plain ol' fun? Sherman growls at everyone, but his tail is up and wagging...they just don't get it. At least Sherman & I have each other to play "bite my face" with and toss around, even if we do draw a little blood now and then.
I hear you, Star