Friday, July 06, 2007

Blogathon Answers to Questions

Hey everyhusky, dog, and girl-girl!

Ok, if you have an issue with donating, just send an e-mail to me at and let me know.

I’ll need to know what “name” you donated under, and I can check, as blogathon automatically sends me an e-mail of who sponsored (unless you select that you don’t want me to know your name).

I can check and see if it came through, and if not, then you can either pledge again, or contact the blogathon people.

Also, if there is an issue, and maybe you pledge twice by mistake or something, you can e-mail me and let me know that happened.

I’ll explain how the whole pledge and payment thing works:

You pledge an amount, then sit back and enjoy the blog on 28-29 July 2007.

After blogathon is done, you’ll receive an e-mail from blogathon telling you how to pay up on your pledge. You will then pay Harnessed to Hope DIRECTLY, it doesn’t go to me, it doesn’t go to Blogathon, it goes straight to the charity.

So, if you make a mistake and pledge twice, don’t sweat it, just let me know and when the pledge payment instructions come out, just pay what you really wanted to pledge. There’s also nothing stopping you from paying more if you feel as though you got good entertainment value and want to donate a little more. I’m sure the rescue won’t mind

(doing some limbering exercises)


Anonymous said...

Wow Meeshka.. I just checked and at 11:34 EST you are up to 21 pledges for a total of $537. You are almost half way of your pledges from last year and still have over 3 weeks before the blogathon starts. WAY ATO GO!!!

Anonymous said...

Meeshka.. Blogathon just contacted me and said my pledge didn't get attached to a blog (hence the error yesterday) and that they fixed the error, so if others had trouble pledging like I did, it should be fixed now.

DustyDoodles said...

Queen Meeshka,

DustyDoodles did the pledge thing, please make sure you got it. I gots the email that said you did, but you never know -- I have big toes and sometimes I hits the wrong buttons.

Oh and DustyDoodles would very much like to win something for Da momma's birfday. Could you keep that in mind????

your humble servant --

Doodles Out!!

Kapp pack said...

Wow, I just checked you are up to $799 in pledges. I stole Mom's credit card last night and sent you a pledge. My mom said I might get to meet Meeshka at the Hike 'N Howl. TTYL, Kelsey Ann

Khady Lynn said...

I pledged under my name, Holly. It said it went through. I was the third to donate!

You have now BEAT your amount from last year, and are currently at $1025.00!!!!!