Thursday, July 05, 2007


It’s up! It’s UP!!!!!

I’m listed, WOOHOOOOO.

Of course the human woman misspelled the name of the charity (Harnessed to Hope Norther Breed Rescue) Good gawd, she can’t do anything right.

As soon as the edit functionality comes online (the blogathon people are in the process of coding and fixing bugs) I’ll make sure I go up and fix it.

Ok, everyhusky, dog and girl-girl, break out the human wallets and go sponsor me! Let’s break last year’s record of $1,000! All proceeds go straight to Harnessed to Hope!

Just click here to go to the list of bloggers and find me and click on Sponsor this blogger! This link should sort the list alphabetically.

You’ll need to register, then it should take you straight to my sponsor page.

Remember, only registered sponsors will be eligible to play the games and win prizes, so get in there and sponsor me!!!!!!

Tonight when the human woman gets home, she’ll post some pictures of some of the cool things you can win... in the meantime, here’s one of them:
OOOH, its a red paw print (slightly blurring because of the human woman's crappy photography skills) keychain!

(ooooh can’t wait!)


Sasha said...

I hope you have some dog treats to win, Meeshka!
I stole the human's credit card. She'll never notice.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Ohh... I am super excited. This will be my first blogathon!!! I went ahead and registered at the site, but I have been unable to swipe the credit card... I am working on that.


Holly said...

Cool!! I am so excited for the blogathon. I hope I win something this year. I will be sure to grab the plastic and sponsor you right away!


Sasha said...

Guess what! You don't have to have the human person credit card right away!! You pledge money, then they email you AFTER the blog and ask you for the money.
Those humans are so dumb, they will think THEY pledged the money!
So go ahead and pledge!

The Brat Pack said...

We don't even have to steal it, we memorized the numbers!

Heading over now to pledge, paws are crossed to break the record!!