Saturday, July 28, 2007

An Interesting Color

I just received word from Sasha that she’s been found out. She tried to pass the blame of eating the strawberry gum on Isis, the big fluffy lug that constantly steals her bed and drives her insane, but the jig was up when Sasha hurled a bright pink/red wad of gum up in front of her humans.

Yep, there’s nothing that’ll give you away like horkaing up your ill gotten booty. Its best if you try something devious that you try not to urp up the evidence, and as always, if your humans are like my humans, they’ll even go so far as the go out and sort through your poo with rubber gloves on looking for evidence. The human woman calls it PSI = Poop Scene Investigator. Yes, she then laughs at her own joke and thinks she’s clever, and I just claw her.

Yeah, so even though Sasha got caught with the evidence (I guess you can say she got caught red-tongued... ok, shut up I’m getting tired and the human woman is sitting here still smoldering and the smell is slightly nauseating), she still managed to freak them out because it came out all pinkish/red and at first they thought she was throwing up blood. I’m sure that’ll leave a nice stain too.

Note to self: strawberry ice breaker gum is right out.

Speaking of lost dogs (ok, I wasn’t speaking of them, but I couldn’t come up with a good intro to the contest), the first one to tell me in a blog comment how many lost dogs are listed on the HTH site will get their very own “My Dog Walks All Over Me” t-shirt. Yes, its totally breed non-specific and perfect for everydog, and comes in a zillion sizes, so get out there and win one for the ... whatever.

(I think I just saw a chipmunk wearing a vest run by)


Chris D said...


Anonymous said...

Did you happen to get a photo of the chipmunk wearing the vest? How cool! Oh Sasha.. glad you got the gum out and are ok.

DustyDoodles said...

Actually Doodles thinks that even though there are zero dogs on your lost and found page, there were like 19 or 20 dogs on your available pups page. Aren't these dogs really lost too?? Doodles means they were lost until they found HTH, now they's been found!!!

Laci said...

LOL poor Sasha!

Turbo the Sibe said...

Queen Meeshka, I recall at some point reading your brilliant description of horkaing. You'd mentioned moving the ears forward on the "hork" and back on the "a." I can't find this on your blog. Do you remember if you'd posted this while infiltrating Sibernet?

Anonymous said...

Oh now, I would be interested in seeing what Turbo is talking about, ha rooo!

Gaije said...

I have to type fast, while Sasha's busy staring at the refrigerator, trying to open it with the power of her mind, or something, and I have the computer all to myself for once! I don't know how many lost dogs there are on the HTH site, and I don't have time to check, but I just want to say that being lost SUCKS! I was lost once for three months, and I didn't like it one bit! No one knows where I was for all that time, and I'll never tell, but I only got found because someone brought me into a shelter where they found my microchip and called my human servant, who then finally came and got me... So, Everyhusky should make very sure you've got one of those chip things, because really, lost SUCKS!!!!!!!

Sita (and Sita alone!)

Holly said...

Abby really likes gum.