Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh For the Love of Fur!

Ok, I haven’t been able to get on the computer all evening because the human woman went out and got her and the human man those iPhones.

They always go out and buy new toys and stuff, aren’t we good enough to spend time with? Aren’t we cute and cuddly and entertaining? Do they really need to shove things in their ears to drown out the ear piercing yapping of the gimpy mutatoe? Ok, so maybe they do, he’s very annoying and maybe I’ll go out and get one of those iPhones too.

After all, they seem very convenient for a husky to use. Sure, my claw may mar up that pretty screen and all, but look at all the web browsing and shopping I can do right from the phone. I can also call all of my friends and woo at them.

Once she gets use to it, the human woman said that maybe we can lay in bed and I can just dictate my blogathon entries to her while we sit and watch tv and she can use the iPhone. RIIIGHT, like I’m letting her anywhere near that bed. If I can’t sleep, then neither is she, even though she did pass out last year around 4am and left me to tap out my posts with my sharp little claws, and then she freaked out about all the scratch marks on the powerbook. Oh yeah, I still hear about that even to this day.

Ok, its getting late and I’m practicing good napping skills by going to bed early and getting up early. Oh wait, that’s my normal schedule. Ok, fine I’ll make sure to get in about 3 good power naps tomorrow and I’ll get into condition for blogathon next weekend.

Really looking foward to it, I hope you are too!

(so I just slide my razor sharp claw against this flimsy looking screen like this?)


Michelle said...

Oooh. I must see this new toy. I bought my Cingular 2125 because I need to be able to check POP email from anywhere, but it turns out... Windows Mobile? Just as annoying as Windows Non-Mobile!

You know that a gadget craze is really sweeping the nation when even the dogs are blogging about it...

Sooky said...

Wow, My mom wouldnt dare get an Iphone cuz I would just chew it up anyway. Hope your mom enjoys her new toy,

The Brat Pack said...

Wow, your parents are lucky. Mom won't get one cuz she drops her phone all day long and if she doesn't have construction-rated ones they're broke in a week.

We're excited about the blogathon!

Holly said...

Holy cowdog, think of all the croissants and treats and dog food she could have bought you for the price of those iPhones!!!

My human just got a new phone today too. She got the new Razr. Now she can have pics of us on her phone. She is VERY excited! I bet your human is excited about her very cool phone too. My human has way too many meds to pay for or she would have gotten one of those too. Unfortunately, she ways we're too expensive for her to do those kinds of things.

Can't WAIT for blogathon!!!!!!!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Woo Meeshka..let us know if you are able to get ahold of the human's new phones, ha roooo!!! We are resting up for the blogathon! We are so excited here!

Bama said...

Hello, your Royal Fluffiness, you'll have to let us know how the new phone tastes, mom wasn't too happy with me when I left teeth marks on her Razr, but she got it away from me before I could do any REAL damage, now she keeps it in her pocket all the time and won't let me near it....We still haven't convinced her to stay home from her trip next weekend so we can join in the blogging fun, but she has so many claw marks on her legs now that she looks like a striped eggplant, it should just be a matter of time before she's unable to walk to get on the plane....