Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pool of Ice

The husky hill gang sent me this really cool picture of a pool of ice!

Wow, that would be so cool (hehehe, sorry for the pun), to have a whole pool of ice to our very own. I'm sure it wouldn't last long, as both Spineless bionic hip puppy Sam, and suck up gimpy mutatoe think that they have to pee on everything, so it would be yellow ice in no time.

I like eating ice, I also like running and jumping on a big thing of ice and then using it to slide my front feet across the kitchen floor and running into the human woman. Ice is very tasty and I like to eat it.

The humans bought a new fridge (ok, years ago, its not that new really) and it has a very handy ice dispenser on the door, easy for us to help ourselves to ice and water whenever we feel the need for ice and water... except it also comes with a lock so we can't help ourselves to ice and water whenever we want. It seems pretty silly to me to lock up ice and water.

While the ice pool does look really cool (there I go again with the pun), I don't think it would help spineless bionic hip puppy Sam with his exercises. He needs to be able to swim in his little circles to strengthen up his puny little back legs and back, so I guess we won't be getting one of these any time soon.

(I like my ice with fur)


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Well Queen of The Khoolest Dogs Around -

I'm gonna strut my stuff around the neighborhood -

The hu-mom needs to drop some pounds so I go along with her -

Kheep those blog postings khoming!


DustyDoodles said...

Doodles likes ice too. i especially like OTTER POPS and the pops that Da momma makes me. She makes chicken and beef pops for me. I would really like a whole pool of chicken pops when you rule the world Meeshka, can you arrange that please??

Sorry I've not been on before now, but Da momma locked up the computer when she went down to visit SadieMae (no she did not take me) and she just got back just now. It was peaceful and quiet without her, although I didn't get any OTTER POPS!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my dogness.. that looks so fun! I Love ice, but have never been in a pool of it. I must get the human mom to do that for me!

Kapp pack said...

I love to eat ice. I come running whenever I hear the freezer door....I will have to learn more about one of those ice and water dispensers.


Windswept's Diamond Royale said...

woowoowoo I want a pool of ice!!!


cyber-sibes said...

Oh, ice is nice!
I'm getting wistful looking at that photo - all those lt. red huskies look like multiple Shermans! Maybe I can borrow one...


Holly said...

That's what I need with these horrid temps! That would really cool me off!