Monday, July 23, 2007

Really Getting On My Last Nerve

That human woman, I swear I have no idea what comes over her at times, but tonight she’s totally on my last nerve.

Apparently Sitka (see the picture of Sitka modeling her lovely new harness) got one of the anti-husky escape harnesses and her owner was concerned that it didn’t fit her right and left her some room for a possible escape. I didn’t know this at the time, so when the human woman came upstairs and got my harness down and put me in it, I totally thought that I was going for a cool car ride, maybe even to go to the pool that Sam raves about and claims he picks up chicks at. He also says that he’s the official lifeguard on weekends, but he’s not fooling, me, lifeguards don’t wear sissy life jackets.

So, here I am in my cool harness and the human woman sticks her arm in it in a few places and THEN TAKES IT OFF! Are you kidding me? What sort of cruel joke is that, get me all excited and then not take me somewhere? The least you could do was walk me in the smelly front yard for a few minutes just to give me a little something for dealing with you, but no... nothing, not even a thank you.

While I’m at it, Denali and Rubi, why do you keep encouraging the human woman to wear the sleepy pants? I saw the cool blogathon shirt you sent her, and the cool sticker (I swear, if she tries to stick that on me and take a picture...), and yes it would go perfect with ANY of the myriad of sleepy pants she owns, but geez!

So, if I were talking to the human woman, I’m sure she would say “thank you for the really cool shirt and sticker and yes she will be making sure to find the optimum matching sleepy pants to wear with it for blogathon” but I’m not talking to her tonight, so there.

(no walk, so I’m pouting on the vent for the rest of the night)


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Ha rooooo!!! I hate that the human woman (who I am sure was wearing her sleepy pants) put the harness on you, stuck her hands in it, and took it off without offering a car ride or a walk. What a bummer! But you did help my mom in learning that my harness fits just right ;)

Louka said...

Humans are mean that way, sometimes. Sometimes someone tells me that it's time to go "marcher", which means that it's walkies time, but then they don't take me or Mommy dawdles for HOURS getting her coat on. Why can't they have fur like us and just be ready to walk us whenever?

By the way, my mommy wants to tell you that you are a gorgeous husky and her favourite colour. I sincerely admire your clawing ability and am doing my best to emulate this.


JustMeCopper said...

Next time she sits down to eat her favorite meal, you need to take it away from her as soon as she sees it. That will teach her. So not fair.

Holly said...

Now that's just down right mean! She could have at least given you treats for being so good for not clawing her bloody for not taking you for a walk in your harness! I agree with Copper, steal her food next time she sits down to eat it!


Bama said...

Don't you dare tell anyhuman where to find that harness! Chili has practiced his nudity since he got here, and he's insisted we conform to his policy of no clothes, EVER, (unless we're going somewhere of course). He would be absolutely furious if our mom found a harness that he really couldn't chew through, and an angry Chili is something no husky wants to see, let alone be in the same room with. I know your highness is a world class pouter, and have the art of cold, but fluffy, shoulder down perfectly, but I think he's been secretly reading your blogs since he was a youngpup, when Chili's not happy we're all miserable....

Sasha said...

Oh, no, she put the HARNESS on you, then no walk, car ride, nothing?
I think you ned to sharpen up the claw. Obviously she needs reminding about who's in charge there.

cyber-sibes said...

Claw her.

(hey Meeshka, I've got your HULA bumper sticker on my blog today!)

Sooky said...

Oh Meeshka, That was very cruel of the human woman. I hope you gave her the claw.