Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Rerun, But A good One

A while back, Sasha and I wanted to come up with the ultimate cartoon to show people what northern breeds were really like. We had heard the humans telling people what they were like, and sometimes it just doesn't seem to get through to them.

We came up with a funny, but realistic way to tell them what they're like and we call it "Husky Dance" (sung to the tune of Safety Dance). You may have seen it on my blog before, but I'm tired and I still thinks its funny, and its my blog so here it is for those who may not have enjoyed it the first time around:
(2 more and I'm leaping on the sleep number)


Khady Lynn said...

I remember that one!! It was great then and is great again now too!!


Kapp pack said...

Ok I finally clawed my way out of the closet and I'm here with you until the end...

-Kelsey Ann

Dakota said...

A classic!!!
And so appropriate and true.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes... that was a great one. Woo Hoo! 2 more posts then it is off to beddy by ;)


Sasha said...

Ah, a classic. We'll have to collaborate on more Husky songs.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I like it. That song can be on the Siberian Husky CD that I proposed on one of my Blogathon posts.


Jack & Moo said...

Now there's a song I can woo along with!

Da dum, da dum,

Bama said...

mom has been working on songs for each of us, some of them real songs that she thought fit us, others are made up. ex: (sung to the tune of I'm a little teapot) he's a little chilidog short & stout, here is his tail, and here is his snout. When he gets all steamed up hear him shout, "I'm a Red Hot Chili Pepper, ya better look out!"
We all agree that yours is much better though, plus we don't have to listen to the humom trying to sing.....
My song was given to me the day they rescued me from the flea market, I don't know the name, maybe Black Betty?, or who sings it, but the words fit me pretty well:
Whoa Black Betty, Bamalamb, Whoa Black Betty, Bamalamb, Black Betty had a child, Bamalamb, the damb thing gone wild, everyone who recognizes these lyrics will have my song stuck in their heads for the next 3 days, whoooohooooo!
As for husky songs, the only one we can think of is the one by Frank Zappa, warning of the dangers of yellow snow.
only 2 more blogs, hang in there our queen.

Laci said...

Meeshka, take care of that human of yours. Congrats on a successful Blogathon! :D

Marilyn said...

Guess what tune's been stuck in Mom's head all day??

Hubley Hooligans