Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Revenge Is Sweet

Something strange happened this morning, actually something didn't happen this morning.

Yep, the human woman forgot to set her alarm clock last night. 5:30am rolls around and no alarm. Hmmm. That's interesting (I thought to myself), I wonder how the human man and woman will wake up in enough time to get ready to go to work. Its a shame they don't have a smart, talented husky to wake them up when THEY forget to set the alarm clock. Its a shame that their smart, talented, able to do really funny cartoons, and fluffy husky doesn't know that they need to get up soon or else they'll be late for work.

I sat and watched the minutes tick by. Not wanting them to be TOO late and lose their jobs and not be able to afford to feed me and buy me livergreat, I finally woke them up at 7am.

"woo?" (which means in human language: hey, moron, you didn't set the alarm and you're really lucky I'm getting your lazy butts up with enough time to get ready).

You should have heard her then. Oh, I'm the BEST husky in the whole world, thank heavens we have such a caring husky that knows when we need to get up and looks out for our best interest, oh you are such a talented fluffy husky. I know that.

So, now that I've shown the human woman who really is boss in this house, here are two wonderful prizes that you can win if you are a registered sponsor of ME, the talented fluffy husky in Blogathon 2007:
OOOOH, look its a big honking Sammy stuffie!
These are really REALLY hard to come by and they're very cute and fluffy (of course, not as fluffy as me). If you want, you can pretend that its an Eskie stuffie, or even a white german shepherd stuffie (ok, that's reaching), but its very cute, and the same large size as the red/white Douglas husky that is up for grabs in the contest fest of blogathon!

I know some of you aren't huskies or even northern breeds, but what can I say, HTH is a northern breed rescue, so that's about all we have. We do have a "I love my donkey" magnet if anyone wants to try winning that. Why does a northern breed rescue have a "I love my donkey" magnet? I have no clue, it just showed up with the rest of the magnets, so we have one.

Ok, the next prize is this:

Its cute little husky puppies on a shirt! Aren't they cute! Future HULA members and all, just look at the devious looks in their eyes.

Ok, that's about it, except for one last thing:
I know there are a few HULA applicants that are pending, and I have it on very good authority that there will be a few inductions into the HULA Hoop during blogathon, and there will also be a very special HULA Hoop Hall of Fame announcement coming up in blogathon. So, for those of you that have sent in your HULA applications, please be patient, it will be so worth the wait.

(yeah, I know how to turn that alarm clock off as well you human woman, so don't sleep too soundly)


Kapp pack said...

Wow, great prizes...where can I get a HULA application??? My mom says your mom is the silly one I duped into pledging money to for the hike!

-Kelsey Ann

Holly said...

Great job Meeshka! My human has doen that before too. But, we don't usually get up till SHE gets up, so that would never work at our house.

Love the stuffed Sammie! Looks like my brothers Monty and Kona! My dad would like that since all the other stuffies we have are Husky/Malamute looking.

Very cute shirt too. Looks like the new rescues that just came from NC!!


fee said...

i love love love your drawings! what's this blogathon about? is it open to all and do we get to help send some friends to their furever homes?


Luckie Girl said...

Darn, you should have ignored your hoomans and let them be late. But you are a kind soul...bless your little cotton stockings. :P