Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is what I have to put up with

Everyone had good points in their comments, it is getting close to dinner time and I certainly don’t want to miss that. Fortunately the human man is here, but he’s currently playing World of Warcat and when he’s doing that... there’s no moving him from that chair. We could very well have starved before he got done doing one of his quest things or whatever they’re called.

I’m with the human woman on that game, I don’t understand it either. He sits there with his friends talking to them (so we never know if he’s telling us to attack the flying two headed beast or his friends), and the quests seem a bit silly, like: go kill a turtle, skin it and make a backpack. Um, don’t they have stores to buy those things at? Frankly, who would want a smelly turtle backpack. I don’t get it.

I wish they would make a game for dogs where we got to roll in dead things, rip up a roll of toilet paper, scoot our butts on brand new carpet... you know, fun stuff.

Since human man is all wrapped up in his game, I went outside to drag the human woman inside, and sure enough:

Good doG, will she never learn anything.

(singed hair is not attractive at all)


Laci said...

LOL I love the cartoons! You're doing a great job Meeshka! :D

Make sure that turkey sandwich doesn't knock out your human. :)

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Meeshka! Thank goodness you went out and found the human. Lord knows what would have happened if you let her stay out there any longer. Besides, it is getting close to dinner time, and a fluffy queen to be HAS to eat! Give her a claw or two and that should bring her back to life, ha roo!! Great cartoon as usual!

Dakota said...

I snagged a little of a Wendy's Chicken Club sandwich, I can send it if you would like.

Sooky said...

Glad the human woman is ok and only singed some hair, Dod knows it could have been worse.

MaPaw said...

I could play Roll in Dead Things for hours!

Gaije said...

Meeshka - We're getting worried about that human woman of yours. We're not sure she's quite fit to serve you anymore! Perhaps it's time for you to look into a replacement model? Ours is still holding up ok, we'd consider some sort of share arrangement, if you needed a little help in the interim.

Sasha & Sita

Turbo the Sibe said...

How 'bout a game of bite the humans' butts? Sounds like a good video game to me!

Holly said...

Well, at least there is less hair than there use to be to singe. Maybe she could go for a nice extra cut now.