Saturday, August 18, 2007

Is This The End?

The human woman and man were talking in quiet tones this afternoon. They seemed very somber and sad, so I got up from my air vent to see what they were talking about.

Apparently the Dyson hurt itself. Yep, the evil fur sucking Dyson has an injury, an almost mortal wound you would say. I didn’t see the humans racing it to the Dyson vet (I only hope the reason they didn’t because they don’t have them), like they do us when we’re hurt.

Apparently there’s a hole in the evil long sucking arm that stretches really far. The arm they put attachments on and then chase us with to suck our fur straight from our bodies. We run, we hide, we don’t let that evil beast near us. Loki does pee on it, but only when it sleeps.

They talked for a long time about what the should do with it. Seems pretty clear to me, toss the stupid thing out and let the fur pile up, the comfy soft fur, the cushy warm fur.

Ever the fix-it queen (I’ll tell you about the great bathroom wall repair fiasco some time), the human woman got some duct tape and patched the evil hose up for now. It still works, unfortunately, but I’m sure other holes will start to appear (I’m not saying nothing), and pretty soon it will be DEAD! AHAHAHAAAAA!

As I walked back to my cold vent I heard the human man say “well, we’ll just have to buy another”. Are you kidding me?

(need fluff? We’ll make more)


Bama said...

My humom is laughing so hard she's crying, all the easier to claw her when she can't see me coming. Way to go your highness!
Any ideas on how to murder a Rainbow? Stupid machine turns all our beautiful fur into a muddy, mucky, hairy soup. Mom says it works great for filling in holes. Stupid humans.....

JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, I hate to tell you but they can easily buy a replacement hose for it and it will be good as new. As savvy as your human woman is, she can find one on-line I am sure. I know that is bad news. Sorry.

Holly said...

Darn duct tape! That stuff fixes all sorts of stuff that gets broken!

Good job to Loki for peeing on it! He needs to hit it just right to kill the motor!


Turbo the Sibe said...

D. Animal is sick here, too.

Check out this:


And this:

Kapp pack said...

My mom told me to tell you we had the same problem with ours and duct tape worked for awhile and then we had to order a replacement hose and it was as good as new.

-Kelsey Ann