Saturday, August 04, 2007

It Seemed Like A Normal Saturday

Ok, fine, the humans are taking spineless bionic hip puppy Sammy for his therapeutic swim as usual. Ok, whatever, fine, he’s a gimpy, he needs to swim in circles, whatever.

Then I get a report from Sasha that her humans are going to be leaving and spending the night somewhere and having fun and going to the Karen Ramstead talk in Pennsylvania. Ha Ha, I thought, you’re getting left behind. BUT THEN I find out that MY human woman is driving up there to go there with them WITHOUT ME!


She’s not allowed to be away from the house for more than 4 hours at a time! That’s the rule, I’m suppose to be fed every 4 hours and the human woman is suppose to make her leg available for me to claw at will. How can I possibly claw her when she’s in Pennsylvania and I’m stuck here... with the suckup mutatoe and spineless bionic hip Sam? Oh sure, the human man will be here, and while its great fun driving him insane, its not the same thing! To make matters worse, she’s turning off the powerbook and taking the iPhone with her! How am I suppose to coordinate plans to take over the world if I have no communications? Like I’m going to be able to tell the human man to stop playing his game for 5 minutes so I can send out a communique for all HULA members to shred a couch. Like that will ever happen in a million years.

She’s got too much to do around here to be running off to another state and sitting around and relaxing! She still has blogathon prizes to send out, she’s got me to pet when I want, she has me to feed when I demand it, and she has to sit and allow me to claw her when I feel like it. Who is going to chase the mutatoe around the yard when he barks and yaps and yaps and yaps and yaps to shut him up? I don’t see the human man doing these things.

This is horrible! Last week I’m blogging all night and now this weekend I’m all alone to fend for myself. She’s still here... I’m clawing her leg while I type this, making the “I want” noise.


So unfair, this is so unfair.

(where’s MY vacation?)


Sasha said...

I KNOW!! I couldn't believe it when I heard it. LEAVING US ALONE overnight. This is horrible. I wont' even be able to blog, she password protected her laptop.

Kapp pack said...

How awful for you....doesn't she know it's her job to be your servant?

-Kelsey Ann

Holly said...

Humans are so selfish! They never give us all we need, when we need it, and especially when we WANT it! That's what makes us so much better than them.

Maybe your human will come home with something cool for you from Karen!


Dakota said...

Hey, The Mom is going there too! Only she's leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow. So I'm planning on keeping her up all night!

JustMeCopper said...

Too bad. Ivy went on an anniversary vacation and I have gone to Hershey's house and you have to stay HOME! Na na na na boo boo.

Tasha & Eva said...

Doesn't she realize that you are royalty? And your every wish must be catered to?

Sharpen the claw for when she returns.


The Brat Pack said...

You are REALLY going to have to work on her training.


Bama said...

We are sorry our computer is down. This is Bama's Dad. We don't feel comfortable posting our snail address on the blog. We apologize for this and will contact you when we are back in the cyber world.

Luckie Girl said...

Oh wow...your Mom is really a mean lady. :( I think she needs to be re-trained. tsk tsk

Sasha said...

Meeshka, it's getting worse and worse. Go read my blog.

The Army of Four said...

I just saw a "group picture" from this thing on Sasha's blog. If my eyes didn't deceive me, your human had her arm around a dog. One that wasn't YOU. Is there a lawsuit pending?
I am outraged!
Play bows,

Hana said...

Hi Meeshka,
My peepol are putting the $ in the mail today for our blogathon pledge. Congratulations on raising over $2,500!
~Hana the Dog

Anonymous said...
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Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I received an email from Jennifer at Dogs n Us Community inviting me to join their community. They had already added my blog, without asking, without my approval. I see that your blog is also listed on this site. I am sking you to email them at and tell them to remove your blog from their site. This is a blatant rip off of our Dogs With Blogs Community and I for one do not appreciate it.

Bussie Kissies

fee said...

guess she isn't going to change her mind, but methinks she'd better come back with a decent peace offering for that.

congrats on the blogathon! you're really sweet to keep helping the less fortunate. :)