Friday, August 03, 2007

Results of the Raffle!

I have to admit that the human woman has been very productive today, and much less stressed (she'll be even less stressed once the prizes are at the post office).

I'm still waiting on snail mail addresses for:
and Sitka and Tia

If you sent them... please send them again: and you can also try: (in case I have the iPhone in the yard with me)

Ok, on to the raffle, it was very exciting!
This is me, limbering up to get ready to pick the winners of the raffle. I didn't want to strain a muscle or pull something and be out of the raffle picking responsibility, so I had to do some stretching exercises, staring exercises, etc. Please note that yes, behind me is peeled paint and the wall is dirty. I'll have the human woman take care of that as soon as she's done feeding me.

Here I am leaping onto the bed. The human woman carefully wrote down each of your names on slips of paper and then threw them all over the bed. It was like breakfast in bed for me. A very scientific method of making sure that the entries were all spread out, none of them contained any sort of tasty smear of something to pick a certain one (rats), and they were also folded so I couldn't read the names.

Hmmm, which ones to choose, its a very hard job to be a raffle winner picker. I almost had to lay down and take a nap because of all the stress going on. The responsibility, the pressure, the ... is that a piece of cookie on the bed over there?

The first winner is: Janet Beattie!!!! Janet, you won your very own autographed authentic, actually worn in the Iditarod 2007 dog bootie!!!!

Please send me your snail mail address and I'll get it out to you jiffy quick.

Ok, that was pretty exhausting, so I had to lay down and choose the next one. They all looked so absolutely tasty, but it would have been better if they had been written on kleenex. That would have been very tasty, and a WHOLE BUNCH of you would have won because I would have crammed the whole lot of them into my mouth... ok, I digress. Anyhooo, the next winner is:

Its Rubybleu!!! Rubybleu you won your very own autographed copy of "Pretty Sled Dogs" the DVD!

Please send me your snail mail address and the human woman will drop whatever she's doing (unless she's feeding me, then I take priority) and get that out to you really fast-like.

Ok, here's the next winner that I'm chewing on. This entry had a good bouquet, lovely flavor, just a hint of wood pulp, and a good after-taste.

The winner is....

That's right, its HOLLY! I'll send out Holly's address so everyone can beat her up for winning a bunch of prizes.

Holly, enjoy smelling your very own, authentic, worn by real iditarod sled dog dog booties, compliments of Karen Ramstead and her pretty sled dogs!

Your bootie is packed with your other prizes and going in the mail today.

Well, that's it for the prize drawing. I'm a bit nauseous now from all the paper I ate after the drawing, but I hope everyone had a good time and likes their prizes.

Remember, get me your snail mail addresses so I can claw the human woman to run to the post office again.

(urp, oooh, scuse me)


Sasha said...

Good job picking! If we waited for the human woman, the booties would rot away before she'd have picked.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Way to go Holly -

Now you've got a bootie

AND Dave ;-(

Now Queen Meeshka, please rest!

You probably wore the khlaw out getting your hu-mom woman's butt moving again!

Thanks again for all the FUR-un!



Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

you are so good at raffles! you should help our mom at the library pick the prize winners for summer reading club

Kapp pack said...

Bummer...I didn't win....I guess there's always next year!

-Kelsey Ann
(I did have the human woman win me the very cool likeness of me red and white husky stuffy)

Holly said...

Wow!! I am so incredibly excited!! That is just the coolest!! I have the DVD, and an autographed KR North Wapiti mug, and now a real SLED DOG BOOTIE!!! I will treatsure it forever!

Thank you Meeshka! You are truly the queen!


Sasha said...

Meeshka, hurry up and read my blog. I just caught wind of a human conspiracy. We have to talk.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Meeshka...
Mom is finally home from out of town. I got your personal email last night and responded to you. Let me know if you did not get it for some reason.