Friday, October 12, 2007

Fluffy Power

Another victory to the fluffy!

We claimed victory when the hose of the evil Dyson ripped, but the human woman and that pesky Internet thwarted our plans for mass fluffiness when they sent her a replacement hose.

Not to be outdone, we plotted, planned, and spread our fluffiness and good smells throughout the house, laying the perfect trap for the human woman and her confounded contraptions to rid us of our fluffiness and smells.

This morning the human woman blocked us out of the room we can't go into and vacuumed, then got out the steam cleaner thing. That machine is most foul as the human woman puts stinky faux flower-like smell fluids into it, and it spreads this noxious smell throughout the carpet that we spend months cultivating our smells! Hehe, but not this time!

About 1 minute into the "steam cleaning", (more like stink cleaning), the machine started making a noise and emitting an odor more foul than anything we could come up with (well, old guy-guy Nova was pretty good at emitting foul odors, but this was even worse than anything he could come up with). Disgusted, the human woman turned the machine off and pronounced that our fluffiness had once again knocked the little rubber belt off the steam cleaner and she would have to rip its guts out and remove our fluffiness.

This was a victory against the stink for us, and we celebrated by running throughout the house, and I managed to goose the human woman when she was bent over.

We hadn't realized just how successful we were in thwarting the stink until later, when the human woman set about taking the infernal beast apart and discovering that our fluffiness had wrapped itself around a vital bolt that held the belt on, and our fluffiness was so powerful, it had snapped the bolt completely in half, thus rendering the evil stink cleaner totally useless.

Its dead (Jim)!

This time we celebrated by ricocheting off the bed and running willy nilly throughout the house (and I goosed the human woman again, she never learns).

So, no more stink machine for us! The human woman is totally disgusted by this development, and muttered something about spending all of her hard earned money for crap that doesn't last a year. Oh give me a break, that thing is like 2 years old, stop complaining. It lasted the longest of the stink machines, so we pretty much thought she'd be online shopping for another one of them, but apparently she's had enough of the expensive machines and is going for a cheapo one that got rave reviews (even from a dog owner).

I'd ask everyhusky (dog and girl-girl) to place bets on the lifetime of this piece of crap, but I'll just go ahead and place my bet of three uses before its a smoldering heap on the curb in a contractor bag along with the expensive one.

(adding another claw mark to the wall to commemorate another fluffy victory)


cyber-sibes said...

Victory to the fluffy!
You've outdone yourselves!
What an inspiring story, Meeshka.

We'll have to get busy shedding around here, maybe a bit more fluff would do the trick to the nasty sweeper...

Woooos to your fluffiness.

Star and the Jack a-Roo

Michelle said...

It's also good if you can gnaw the head off of a mop. Brooms aren't as tasty, but they do promote healthy gums, so there's also that.

Kapp pack said...

You all are so good!!!! Our humans thwarted our attempts upstairs when they ripped out all the carpet to reveal nice hardwood floors. We just have fur tumbleweeds!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Bama said...

Ours lasted 5 uses, and there are 4 of us compared to your 3, so we place our bet on 7 uses before the new machine gives up the ghost.
Bama & the RHP

Tucker said...

I like your celebrations! Hopefully they shake off more fluffiness, too.

Cubby said...

We killed our vaccuum, too. The moms are looking for a new one...

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh Wows! I can't believe what you accomplished. And then the running and goosing. That is just toooooo much.

HuskyHugs, MayaMarie

Louka said...

I'd give it 6 months... Fluff shall prevail!

My mommy is still grinning with glee over the Star Trek reference you added. She hugged something called a Klingon today. Not sure I approve.

By the way, we just saw more pictures of you at the event on Indy's blog and mommy wants to tell you that you have the CUTEST SMILE EVER! You should get an award.


Holly said...

Way to go!! It's always fun to see the humans expensive cleaning tools break!