Friday, October 26, 2007

Rough Towel Weather

Its been gloriously muddy here the past few days. While I'm not too keen on the whole rain falling on me thing, the one nice part of the humans building the new deck for me is that the ground still gets nice and muddy, but I can stand or lay under it and not have water fall on me.

Another nice thing about MY deck is that no grass grows under it, which makes the digging all the better. Nice muddy mud to lay in, roll in, dig in, find grubs in, and generally wallow in. Of course (as one would think) the human woman isn't too keen about our being so muddy when we come in, and is armed with the "rough towel" the moment our little muddy tippy toes enter the house. We do our best to dodge her and run into the house, up the stairs, straight into the bedroom, leaping onto the bed and stomping the mud all over the covers. She is not as amused by this as we are. I don't know why.

After she catches us, or gets a clue and actually shuts the back door to keep us from running inside (she forgets about half the time), we'll stand nicely while she wipes us off and makes sure that my tippy delicate little toes are cleaned. I don't like having dirty delicate feet. Although I don't mind waiting to have them cleaned until I've sufficiently stomped on the bed, I'd rather not have dirty feet, so I'll hold out my paw to allow the human woman to clean my feet. If she doesn't do a good enough job, I'll continue holding out that foot until she does. Sometimes the human woman argues with me, saying the paw is cleaned, but its not and I refuse to switch feet until it is. I always win.

Once my feet have been wiped off, I then need to wash them. There's only so much a towel can clean off, so I find Loki's water bowl very handy for a foot wash. As the human woman is trying to wipe down the spineless bionic hip puppy, or make a dent in the mutatoe foot (which doubles as a sponge), I'll saunter upstairs and bathe my feet in Mutatoe's water bowl.

Washing ones tippy toes in a water bowl requires that you slosh the water around nice and good to get that deep down between the toes grunge that can build up. Ok, sometimes I splash water all over the place, but that's what the rug is for, right?

The human woman is always very excited to see that I've cleaned my feet in the water bowl when she finally comes up the stairs. She's always impressed that I dry my now clean paws off by walking all over the house. Sometimes she doesn't notice until she finds the Mutatoe staring at the water bowl, which is now filled with dirt. For some reason he doesn't like to drink dirty water, this from a Mutatoe that spent endless hours licking his butt. Go figure.

For those of you sick of the rain, please note that the human woman did try out that new steam cleaner stink remover the other day, so its all her fault.



Kapp pack said...

Wow, those are awesome ideas Meeshka. I don't like to get wet either and muddy is even worse! Thanks for the tips!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

WOW Meeshka!

Nice retelling about life in Mudworld!

It is raining here a lot too BUT I like to just stand out in it and let my fluffy khoat soak it up then I bring it back inside and S-H-A-K-E!

Quite fun!

Happy Grubbing Our Queen,


cyber-sibes said...

The mutatoe has a private water bowl? I really have to complain louder around here. I have to share the water bowl with the puppyhead... I don't like getting rained on either, or walking in puddles or mud. I have to stand still outside & have my legs and paws hosed off after we've gone to the beach, and I don't like that one bit either.

Your deck & private mud flats sound divine, Meeshka.

wooos, and a-roos,
Star and Jack

Tucker said...

It hasn't been quite muddy enough here to get excited about. Most of what I track in goes on the kitchen floor.

The Human Assistant waits until it's dry and then sweeps it out the back door. Pretty lazy.

Peppersmommy said...

Hey Meeshka, Have you seen this gizmo? Our mommy swears by it!

Pepper-oni and Vegas

Holly said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I had mud like that to play in.