Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why It Won't Work

Pepper and Vegas left a comment with a link about the “Paw Plunger” on my blog.

Always interested in new technology that tries to thwart the HULA code, I had to check it out.

First of all, go to the site and tell me what you think this device looks like: Paw Plunger

If you are thinking what I’m thinking, yes, it looks like a gigantic coffee cup. Do I really need to go into detail as to how something that looks like a giant coffee cup would NOT work in this house? Well, it probably would work, if the human woman actually used it for what it was suppose to be used for, and wasn’t hauling it to work as a sippy cup.

Secondly, why would I agree to having my foot dunked into a giant sippy cup when I can wash my own feet in the water bowl, thank you very much. The human still has to dunk our feet, then dry them off, so its not like its saving them any time. It seems like twice the work actually, and I think they should save their money, and save their time by simply allowing us to track our mud all over the house. I mean, come on, I’d hate to be the THIRD dog getting my tippy toes dunked in that nasty water, so I’m guessing that if you are a one dog household, it might be doable, but if you have more than one, what poor dog gets the second round of washing in that thing? Dunk one dog, dry feet, dump out the mucky water, fill giant sippy cup with more water, dunk the second dog, etc. I’m thinking that it would take way too much time to perform this clean up, and by the time the human was done with you... you’d have to go out and pee again.

Yes, I think this contraption is a horrible time wasting idea and shouldn’t be purchased at all. Your humans should spend that money on more food and treats, and just learn to live with muddy pawprints on everything.

(not dipping my foot in a coffee cup, are ya insane?)


Tucker said...

It has fingers inside. If it's the right size for that little doggie in the video, how can it be the right size for big fluffy Sibes?

cyber-sibes said...

Did you catch the opening phrase on their website - "No more embarrasing dog booties"?

Oh yeah, like that'll win friends among sledding breeds, duh. I'd like to see them race through miles of ice & snow on their bare feet! And this is being used as a reason to buy this product? Poor marketing, really pathetic. Of course, don't even get me started about the awful marketing name "Paw Plunger" (which congers images of our beautiful legs & paws being thrust into stopped up toilets!)

I don't think you'll be finding this one in MY home anytime soon.

Wooos and a-rooos with dignity,
Star and Jack

Bama said...

We're all in complete agreement with you! Besides, with 4 of us in the house, do they really think 3 will sit calmly by, patiently waiting while the first one gets each foot plunged then dried? The 12 unplunged paws can wreak HAVOC while the unlucky plungee gets their feety-feet cleaned. Hmmmm, that could actually be fun, long as I'M not the plungee.
Bama & the RHP

Koda said...

Geeez. If your gonna have dogs your gonna have dirt. Get over it! Mud dries into dirt and the Dyson thang sucks it up, not a problem. No toe-dunking here.

peppersmommy said...

It really does work very well- the brush fingers in the center make it so that it is a "2-pump" plunge per paw- so maybe 2 seconds per paw, then a quick wipe dry. And even between the toes gets clean.

Vegas and the current foster dog Wiley both have white tootsies and even the third set of paws in the cup come out clean with no water changes except for those occasions where some vigorous digging has been going on.

I rarely spend more than 20-30 seconds per dog cleaning paws. And just let them in the house one at a time, so no muddy paws cross the tiled area.

As for being big enough- Vegas weighs 80lbs, and it's plenty big enough for his paws. I think theres even someone with a 110lb malamute that uses this.

It doesn't fit in my cars cup holder, so no chance it will become amy coffee mug.

mom to Pepper and Vegas

JustMeCopper said...

Dig in dirt? Oh please!

I do get my feet wet and dirty just by walking in my yard where there is no grass. I don't know WHY my Mother can't grow grass everywhere.

I do hate to have my feet wiped and dried though.

Holly said...

That ranks right up there with the anti-thunder/lightning cloak. Unfortunately, there are some stupid humans out there who are probably buying this thing!


Dakota said...

Oh, no way! You gotta be kidding. I'm not going to stand still for that.
Now, there's always a half full coffee mug around here that would probably work just as well......

The Husky in the Window said...

I am not sticking my foot in something like that either. Who thought of this? And humans buy this thing? Oh but no.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

The Daily Echo said...

Whew! Am I ever glad Mom just got a new kitchen floor that looks like mud. Now they don't run after my muddy footsies when I come in from outside. (Our old floor was white.....can you say STOOOPID!?) I know she would have had to have one of those silly coffee cup thingys if we still had that floor.